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  1. After coating with the epoxy, I continue to grout to prepare the piece for painting
  2. We've finished printing the back of the throne! over 200 hours of printing;)
  3. Then I add some details, and I'll finish it with the airbrush.
  4. Thanks bro.. . After painting the thanos suit, I mask the suit to paint the armor.
  5. Let's move on to Thanos painting. Let's start by masking the parts that will be painted gold.
  6. We paint with a chameleonic purple with blue reflections. Then we finish with an opaque clearcoat. the masked parts will be painted in metallic gray
  7. The next step is painting with a primer and then we mask some parts
  8. We continue to sand and putty the pieces until they are perfect
  9. In the meantime we are proceeding with the gluing of the parts.
  10. Here are some photos of the hardware, let's start with the RAM: TOUGHRAM XG RGB Memory DDR4 3600MHz 32GB (8GB x4)
  11. We are continuing to print parts of our custom PC . For now we have used about 15 kg of PLA
  12. In the meantime, other components are on the way: ARGENT M5 Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse ARGENT MP1 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad ARGENT HS1 RGB Headset Stand ARGENT H5 Stereo Gaming Headset y
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