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  1. My question is very similar. Can I "split" the plug on Riing Trio and connect one part to the PWM headers on my motherboard and the other part go to the TT RGB Plus controller for lighting control? (I have a Gigabyte motherboard and RGB Fusion doesn't have any good patterns for anything, so using the TT Sync Controller is NOT an option.)
  2. Has anyone use 9 Riing Trios with the TT RGB Plus controller and software? Does it work? Can preset patterns that move from fan to fan move across all 9? My understanding is that the controller that comes in the box with the Riing Trio is the SAME controller that comes in the box with the Riing Plus. That leaves me wondering what is meant by *It is recommended to connect up to 1 controller and 5 Riing Trio fans on one peripheral cable (Molex) only. *DO NOT connect Riing Trio fans to other TT RGB PLUS controllers I understandably do not want to buy 10 Riing Trio fans only to find that only 5 can be used because the other 5 cannot be connected to another TT RGB PLUS controller. I have 1 five volt cable that has 3 MOLEX connectors, 3 SATA power cables that can have a SATA to MOLEX adapter put on it, and 24 Amp 5 v rail. I am betting each cable is rated for at least 24 amps and that if the total across all MOLEX/SATA cables exceeds that it will shutdown the rail.
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