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  1. Still no reply. I'm giving up on this company. I don't want another PSU from a company that doesn't even attempt to honor a warranty.
  2. good luck. I tried to submit an RMA for mine that was withing the 5 year warranty and got absolutely nothing. All I got was a reply on a forum thread such as this saying that they're slow at getting back to you and that the forum users who respond have no contact with the warranty people. That was some time in October or November. I've not heard from them yet. At this point, i'm never buying thermaltake again. What's the point of buying something with a warranty if they never plan on honoring it? I know I can go to other companies and get a warranty honored.
  3. I am experiencing this exact problem. It seems like your support staff are either horribly over-worked, or exceptionally lazy. I'm very happy that I made the choice to buy a brand new (defiantly NOT thermaltake, after this expereince) power supply to replace my thermaltake, which died under warranty. That was many weeks ago and I've not received any sort of confirmation that the RMA request was even received. I purchased my thermaltake because it was supposed to be good quality and had a 5 year warranty. Turns out neither of these things were worth it.
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