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  1. Ok guys final photos and video time! Voting starts tomorrow, I will try and update you with a vote link. Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DGIS5GmrJ8
  2. Ok on to the next update! Work has almost completed on the tower 900. I had a plaque made by the infamous "Darth Beavis" Richard Surroz. Motherboard mounted, testing some lighting Thermaltake ASUS Strix waterblock installed Time to get the tubing bent Regardless of how many wires I have, I always try to keep everything clean, even in the back where you won't see it, still needs work here Final teaser for now! FYI I have multiple lighting modes MODON!
  3. And let's take it to the next level... Fans in place Rads in place, 10 fans for two 360 rads. We customize everything around here.. Cabinet upgrade Controllers mapped out. Started on tubing. Until next time.
  4. Wow thanks very much guys, more updates probably tomorrow!
  5. So last I left you I had just cut the acrylic floor for the Tower 900. Lets take a look at the hardware that has been sponsored! Now we can see why I wanted an acrylic floor! Here we see the cabinet has been stained and urethane applied. And my work on the Tower 900 has begun (other than me already making it two inches or so shorter.. More coming very soon!
  6. Next update I have decided to replace the tower 900 floor with acrylic, as I need space to have a drain system. So I am here now, need some harware, and I also added a video on the products that will be used at the link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XN6J3WD3G0E
  7. So after chopping the bottom few inches of the Tower 900 off we come up with this. Serves two purposes, slightly shortens the unit, and allows me to use the cabinet lower structure as part of the actual case itself. Still not finished with the inside of the cabinet a few more things yet to reveal.
  8. Next Update: So here is the floor, recognize it? Then I modded the W4 cpu block: Of course we have to integrate these cool fans whereever we can! Did you really think i could leave the tower 900 go without cutting it up? Wait til you see whats next! a preview:
  9. So in trying something new, I come up with this: Couple different colors of paint, painted on wood, and the result was exactly what I was looking for. So I prep the tower 900 cabinet: This is the paint I am using, covered great: All taped up so I don't get paint where it isn't wanted: The result is a nice sky blue side wall: Before I reveal what I am doing here, anyone have any guesses?
  10. Next video log, forgive me for being exhausted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDoDB-fynDU
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