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Everything posted by najiro

  1. wow! so there's only 300 units for the limited edition? Does thermaltake have any plan of making a smaller version of the Level 10?
  2. Hmmmm I can't remember regretting any hardware I purchased. I tend to do a lot of research before buying hardware because well... I'm not a rich guy and hard earned money needs to be spent wisely. I read reviews, ask around and go to stores I trust. Sometimes, I spend so much time doing research that when I decide to purchase the product, it's already gone! LOL Before, I usually get this itch of upgrading my hardware up to a point I know I don't need such as getting an i7 to replace my unlocked i5. I don't edit videos and do heavy photoshop and so on. I would probably regret upgrading! If we talk about ANYTHING, well... it's got to be the coffee maker I purchased! The pot broke after 3 weeks X_X
  3. No where. The V1 doesn't have a 5.25" bay right?
  4. I guess we published it too early, I can't find pricing info for it at Amazon or Newegg yet. Anyway, here's our review at proclockers. Click HERE
  5. aww... sadly my TT eSPORTS keyboard is not mechanical but I love the challenger pro! Fits my red-black themed rig. Good luck to the eligible participants!
  6. WOAH! seriously? so the windowed panel can go to the sides too? I think that's a FIRST in cases! brilliant idea!
  7. so there's a WINDOW on top! That's cool! well, builders nowadays dig windows so I guess that's nice
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