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  1. I also have this issue port 1 of controller 1 will auto change settings of port 1 of controller 2 it’s so lame
  2. Yup you can as long as they are using same USB style connector
  3. Why are no admins or anyone from Tt not responding to this post? Tt improve your software game seriously or never buying even 1 product from you again. I have used all Tt products as far as possible and your software is so crap please fix it. Just copy corsair or razer UI and make your software stable its not so hard.
  4. I have 9 Quad Riing fans installed in my system with Floe Riing DX AIO. Software v1.3.8 never opens on my system it always crashes. After the latest update v1.3.9 the software finally works but each time I boot my PC have to turn on ports 2 and 4 manually on both controllers. Please help me with a fix. SYSTEM INFO MSI X570 Unify RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio 3900X Windows v20H2 Thermal Toughram 4000Mhz Thermal iRGB 750 Watt PSU Thermaltake Floe Riing DX Lian Li 0 11 Dynamic
  5. My fans and working fine for but the software doesn't work at all it keeps crashing using windows v20H2
  6. Hi, Using 9 quad riing fans in Lian li but the riing plus software v 1.3.8 never works. It opens for a sec and crashes in 2 secs. Using version 1.3.3 now but this version is not working with RAZER chroma. Thermaltake please help me. using windows 10 v.20H2. Also software never worked with windows 10 v.2004 Please give me an updated software that works. Also Neonmaker wont when Valorant is installed and all RAZER chroma support to Neonmaker software. Give me Riing plus working software
  7. Hi, I am using windows 10 version 2004 PC Specs Ryzen 3900X Aorus B550 Master Tt tough tram 4000mhz Coolermaster ML360R Aorus 2080ti Superflower 850W gold The 4 pin molex from the controller is connected to psu using the cable provided by Superflower
  8. Nope the riing quad do no light up when I turn on the PC
  9. Hi, I have put a photo of the power cable to controller. The way I have connected it.
  10. 4 Riing Quad fans are connected to the controller. No other Tt products are connected to the controller. The fans are connected to controller from port 1 to 4. USB cable from the controller is connected to my motherboard header. The power cable of the controller is connected using molex cable which came with my power supply.
  11. Hi, I have connected my ring quads as pre the manual but when I start my pc there are lights the fans only spin. The Tt riing software also doesn't show the connector i get an error code h_0x0001. Btw is there any default for these fans? Means if I don't want connect the controller to the MB... Please thermaltake stop using the stupid molex power
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