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  1. Is anyone else looking forward to this game (hopefully) later this year? What are your specifications/updates for this game?
  2. csgo is trash, my guys, do yourself a favor and at least get esea, otherwise you're wasting your time. edit; I'm not going to argue or explain this either, I'm just saying. 1.6 was better and we generally banned anyone who had more than 26 million after sending spam to mIRC for 45 minutes for a Scream at the source. want decent waiters and scammers banned after one or two games instead of the next wave of vac? esea is your only option, faceit is also a trash can and cevo is dead.
  3. I understand you, now I prefer to play with the team, it's more interesting for me. I try to follow dota 2 scores in real time on https://tips.gg/dota2/matches/ improve your skills. It also provides full access to the esports database with upcoming matches and analysis of ranked teams. I hope someday I will also take part in the main tournament.
  4. Hey, anyone want to play some go? I'm gold nova. Send me your steam id and ill add you.
  5. Smurfs are people who look like scammers, but they play without programs that help them aim or shoot. These are people who take money from other people to play on their account and increase their rating. I've been surfing too. I was very happy because I was playing my favorite game and getting paid for it. I usually follow cs go tournaments to improve my skills, for this I use https://tips.gg/csgo/tournaments / perfect for this.
  6. I have just received a new subscription to the Gym to lose weight, feel better and I am trying to get rid of my social anxiety in natural conditions. I started last month and everything went well, but I went with a boyfriend. The boyfriend no longer wants to go and really wants to do it himself. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to struggle or deal with heightened feelings when a person is close to a lot of people in a confined space like a gym. I already feel like a loser trying, arriving at the parking lot, getting out of the car, entering, seeing a beautiful secretary, the participants are already training, someone is looking at me to try the treadmill and the list goes on!!!! My biggest problem is what people, even strangers, think of me. I'm constantly biased by everyone and I feel like people are doing the same thing with me.
  7. I mainly write paper. But I didn't like it, because I thought there was too much written there, and the guys helped me write my paper with high school subjects that were difficult for me. Despite the fact that I really liked math, and I was always present at math lessons in high school.
  8. Do I have to write an essay on trade in ancient China, in addition to the Silk Road, are there other vivid examples that I should definitely mention?
  9. Well, a few weeks ago I had a gaming site installed on one of my domains. I'm not getting much traffic since I'm still working on it. Now that it's installed on my wordpress, I use yoast, but should I add additional keywords and information to each game with yoast. The only problem is that it will take forever, my site lists hundreds of games, lol. I've added newer games to my gaming site, mostly Flash games, but I'm trying to think about what others would like. So I added Sonic and Mario, as well as Doom . It is difficult to find a site from which to get games to add to your site .I hope this will increase over time, as many use similar sites.
  10. Asian Brands Of Facial Masks My skin condition has been terrible lately and I am considering buying a face mask online. What is a good face mask??? I know there are different types of face masks, but just list what you tried. Thank you!!
  11. I read different books, but I prefer novels. I also like to write my own stories. But I don't have time, because I'm a college student. So sometimes I turn to the cheapest services and buy a research paper online
  12. Do you guys use any tools? How do you guys test the functionality of the parts ?
  13. What is your favorite app? I like Instagram. I am an aspiring photographer and I want many people to see my work. Unfortunately, I don't have many followers on my instagram page. I hope that will change soon.
  14. I limit the time. I ask that the children play for a maximum of one hour. But it's hard to track down. Especially now, when everything is online.
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