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  1. Hello, is there a way to control the fan speed of the case fans for my 51 view argb case? I noticed, that I cannot adapt the rpm via the mobo connection, it only let me control the RGB. I also cannot connect the 6 pin cables to my tt controllers. I tried to plug every pin of the 6 pin cable indiviually in a USB header and use it with my TT controllers, but the pin size and form is different and I am not able to replace the cable pins Does Thermaltake has an adapter for it? Or is it possible to use a power controller together with the case controller? Or do I need to buy fans and replace the case fans to have rpm control? Thanks for any answer!
  2. Hello, I just build my new PC with many Thermaltake products. I have 3 controllers for 8 Riing Plus Fans, D5 Pump, W4 Plus Cpu Cooler, Rad 360 Leds and some RGB Fittings. Sadly when I go into my TT RGB Plus software there is a bug: when I switch to other controllers or this RGB synchronization button, after some time the software automatically switches back to controller 1 - this is extreme annoying when switching settings for parts in controller 2 or 3... - I already tried replacing the controllers or changing there order with the 0, 1, 2, 3 switches on the controllers, did not work everytime I start up my system the RAD360 Leds and the W4 Plus are switched off in the RGB Plus software, so I have to activate them everytime again - save button does not seem to store this information for the next start up Does someone know a fix for these issues? Overall the software and setting up the Leds works. I sometimes also have the issue, that the settings between parts of controller one and two are synchronized, but I guess that is some failure on my side, maybe I accidentally coupled the settings of the devices? Thanks for any help!
  3. Still waiting ... :( Can you reveal information when it will be released? Kind Regards
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