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  1. Did notice something interesting with the Windows new device dialog when it Shows the name of the 10M mouse the graphic it displays for the device is a keyboard! a generic mouse plugged into USB gets shown a graphic of a mouse. Thought I'd comment on this incase it maybe of some use. Worked the issue out now all good
  2. I have a eSports Level 10M Wireless mouse thats got the "Please plug-in Gaming Device to start the AP configuration" as well. Have tried reinstalling the drivers under Admin mode no luck. Reinstalled USB again no luck. Tried both the firmware and mouse crack utilities neither see the mouse. If you plug it into a new USB port you get the windows new device install dialog and it show the name of the device as the 10M mouse but if you look in the device manager it only gets reported as a HID-compliant mouse. Software worked fine when I first got it on a Win7 (also did a firmware upgrade on it wired) system but did a reinstall and upgraded to Win8.1 on my games machine from then on software nogo. Have tried it on my Win7 laptop to see if would work and got the same problem as with the gaming rig! Have tried everything I could find recommended about this problem with zero luck. Any further ideas would be great.
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