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  1. Okay. Today I got my Riing Quad fans delivered. Yet to hook those up and see how it goes since my mobo is an old one (7yrs or so).
  2. Even I have a (gigabyte) motherboard that I got in mid 2014 that makes it around 7 yrs old now! So, from your comment I believe I may not face troubles using Riing Quad fans on this mobo of mine. Based on this info I have ordered for the riing quads which is yet to be delivered. Lets hope alls fine. I will post about it when I have them.
  3. Allahualam. I second that. TT should release their software to the public. It would be better for them as well as the users.
  4. It is better to not ask for any help right now. I say this because every one of the riing quad buyers are mad at Thermaltake for their software. Even Thermaltake ought to be really mad at their software department for the present predicament. The company seems to have nothing left to respond with. First of all, they need to have their software fixed, which should make them very busy at the moment. So, you see, no ones in a state to say anything about the riing quads right now. All they are doing now is punching their teeth on to their patience, to hold on to their sanity, with blood boiling patience. Its a lot of money that I, at the last moment, could prevent myself from putting at stake like the rest. But, if I had already spent my cash, then, right now, the only thing I would want is to tear the flesh outta the bodies of Thermaltake like a MAD wolf.
  5. No. I was just wondering you know... "I wonder why Corsair doesn't come out with something like the Quad Riings (with minor changes maybe). Some Hexa-Rings or at least Penta-Rings. I wish ..." Hey! Wake up man.
  6. I wonder why Corsair doesn't come out with something like the Quad Riings (with minor changes maybe). Some Hexa-Rings or at least Penta-Rings.
  7. Can you try this setup on someone else's intel system to see if it works?
  8. I think you could balance the intake and exhaust air flow to cope with this situation. By this I mean to have the intakes running at almost full speed(1500rpm). And, the speed of all the exhaust fans be individually reduced (to 600rpm each) so as to bring their combined rpm (4200 rpm) to match that of the combined rpm (4500 rpm) of the intakes. --- And, as far as your suggestion regards reverse flow, I had wondered about the same, thinking, what if the fan makers came up with two types of flow direction for the same model/version. Ones would be bought for the intakes (with fan-face towards incoming air flow). The others for the exhausts (with fan-face towards the direction of outgoing air-flow). That would be great.
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