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  1. Update 9/23/2015 And on my middle of the week day off, I get a few more steps further in my PC modd #projectsarindipity. Motherboard tray and back IO panel removed. This is going to be the most complicated build I have ever done.
  2. The first thing you would want to do is put in the IO plate/cover. That's the thin metal plate that covers the ports on the back of the motherboard. Next you'll then want to make sure the stand off's are in the correct spot, if you have one that doesn't match up to the motherboard it could potentially cause a short circuit and we wouldn't want that. You should have 8 standoffs, three on top, three on bottom, and two right in line with the PCIE slot to the left and right side. The next part would be connecting up your f_panel (Front Panel) with the switches and more than likely USB connecti
  3. UPDATE 9/5/2015 Acrylic templates coming along. I’m going to be using an opaque white acrylic. Enough to allow NeoPixels to shine through. Here I removed the drive tray support. Previously I was going to use that as part of a display support, but it stuck out too far and would have made it a pain to work with. Plus one solid flat piece looks a lot cleaner. ‪#‎projectserendipity‬ That back panel is the next step. I'm going to be pulling that out, removing a section and replacing it with something else. The next part for the NeoPixel lights is figuring out the locatio
  4. It would appear this was posted under the FAQ section, so I moved it under the correct topic for you. Best of luck!
  5. Have you tried a different USB port? I had a pair of usb headsets that had an issue with the mic not working, just random, and I had to disconnect the device and plug it in to another port. It's definitely worth a shot. That's about as much support as I can give you on that product, I'll let the pros handle it from here. Good luck!
  6. Have you tried to uninstall the software, reboot, and then reinstall?
  7. That's unfortunate that you are having trouble with the installation of the RL280. The HAF915R (F?) supports up to 360mm radiators. Would you be able to take a picture and post that with the issue you are having? It would help in understanding the issue you're having.
  8. A little update, this is not the system setup for Serendipity. I am using my every day PC as a test bed to see how the lights look inside a case. So far so good with the Arduino and NeoPixels. I'm using a software program called Jinx! which is much more stable than Glediator and offers a lot more features, but still uses the Arduino sketch from Glediator. Eventually, once I have it all done, I will have instructions on creating your own amazing light how inside your PC. I'm also now working with a friend on building a custom desktop application that has a mobile application that can contrl the
  9. Project Serendipity came about by an ah ha moment. How it got its name was more inspired by the color scheme and design which is going to be black and white, but the predominate color will be swapped between the inside and outside. So for instance the outside of the case will be predominately black with white hand painted features and the inside of the case will be predominately white with black features. I would show off a design with a sketch or something, but I am having trouble getting my idea out on paper, so I will do my best to paint a picture with words and video and images. Someth
  10. With all the projects I have watched Brian Carter build, my money is on him. No pressure Brian!
  11. This project has changed, I will be using the Core X9 Case for the mod contest instead. However, I will still mod this case in my free time.
  12. Pretty much whatever is fun. Lately it's been a lot of Minecrack, I can't seem to get enough of it. I love me some redstone and making some pretty cool gadgets! I was a pretty hardcore BF4 player, but I needed a break after playing it nightly forever. I don't mod as much as I would love to being that I live in an apartment without all the necessary tools/space to get the job done right. However, I have a really nice build idea in mind for the Core V1, it's perfect for a lan build. The build will be super simple, but elegant. Really looking forward to it and I am putting things on paper right n
  13. I'm with you on this one. The look of the PC is first, expand-ability and user friendliness second, but a strong third for me is filtration. Gotta keep the dust out and like dO_ob said, "fans can get clogged up within a week or so."
  14. ooops my bad, updated. Yeah, for being stock lighting, I really dig it. I'm thinking about setting up lighting throughout the case using the same colors. It goes well with the mouse color I use!
  15. Here is my TT build. Using the Core V71 case Water 3.0 pro Theron Mouse and mouse pad to go with that ASUS Maximus III GENE LGA 1156 EVGA GeForce GTX 770 w/ EVGA ACX Cooler p/n: 02G-P4-2773-KR Intel I5-2500 16GB Crucial Ballistix 6TB worth WD drives - storage drives 156GB Corsair SSD - boot drive
  16. I have the 3.0 pro and it's one of the better closed loop CPU coolers I have used, It really gets the job done. Word of advice: Before you turn on your PC after first time installation, make sure you have the pump plugged in. I almost fried a very good chip overlooking this on accident, good thing my motherboard was like, big-bag-of-nope...turn off. With the Core V71 case it has a big open area behind the motherboard and I was able to very easily feel the heat radiating off the back of the motherboard. That was after just a few seconds. Plugged the pump back in, turned the PC on and the te
  17. I haven't been a fan of the full tower cases for some time as it tends to be a bit of a hassle lugging such a large beast to and from PDXLAN all the time. However, This is one case I wouldn't mind lugging around to show off it's full badassery. No really, this case is beautiful in all of it's ways with extensible expansion and customization capabilities. On top of all that, you get three humungous fans to get the air flowing with little noise. I can't wait to start the water cooling build for this bad boy.
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