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  1. Good news bad news. I found the brackets. I have what I want in place. But they need more bracing so my drive bays kinda slant. If I had 3 more pairs I could secure them from two points. Id love to be able to buy more. So far. I love the functionality of this case. It feels. Um. Very cheaply made. But it serves what I need it to do. I moved and lost my server room. So I cannot have my old 4u screaming. This does the job.
  2. Oh. I do not recall having those in with my kit. I will double check. Thanks for the info! Do you know if those are for sale if I am unable to locate them?
  3. Hello I am wondering if anyone has experience with the W200. I am wondering if anyone knows how to mount 5.25 devices. The front just opens up and there is no way to secure things. In the official pictures on the product site it shows things placed there. But I really have no idea how they got that. Usually in cases there is an internal structure which is missing from the w200.
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