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  1. I have this same issue. It has/had something to do with seating the ram correctly, after I removed two pieces and swapped them (for aesthetics nothing more as one had a lagging RBG). Doing so seems to have confused the motherboard as to what ram stick is in what slot?!? So, initially I installed my ram sticks correctly, staggered and was able to set the color as static red. And then I was playing around and let it do the wave thing. I noted that one of the stick’s RGB was a little laggy. So I shut the machine down swapped the two pieces, to put the leggy one at the end so I wouldn’t see it as much. So I shut the machine down swapped the two pieces, to put the leggy one at the end so I wouldn’t see it as much. But I swapped two pieces of RAM side-by-side. REMEMBER if you are installing four sticks of 8 GB of RAM then you must STAGGER their install (channels) of the pairs – you cannot install them side-by-side. so there I was breaking the Cardinal roll, first of all. I rebooted the machine, but saw that I hadn’t properly seated one of the pieces of ramp. So now, my computer only sees one pair - and because the others aren’t seated it’s now *incorrectly* installed (if it were a pair only it would have to be side by side ) all of this to say that now my computer has two pairs of ram that it seems to maybe not know which slot there really in and if they are appropriately installed (I RE-checked after I corrected, see below), I don’t know if this even possible, for the MB to get confused about stick addresses - esp when it comes to the RGB part. Now, my RAM RGB behaves as if there are two distinct, pairs of RGB - neither of which I am controlling nor can I. The left has flows going on, the pair on the right does a wave. And I CANT turn them off even. #### Also I have uninstalled all of my thermaltake software (RGB Plus, ToughRAM, and deleted the programs folder remnants too. next steps - going to use my core ASUS MB app Amoury Crate and see if I can control from there (and or if that was a conflict in the first place. You can use Armory Crate to sync your MB icon, MB addressable RGB, etc. I’ll post how I make out. If that doesn’t work I’m going to also - take the RAM out, go DOWN to 16 GB, properly installed , reboot, try RAM RGB then… etc. something to kick the addressing out of them, if that makes sense.
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