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  1. hello guys .. now it is more than a year that I have this case and I must say that for what it costs is not bad but I noticed some flaws not indifferent ... fans, this case has many slots for the fans but many are not used (at least in mine) the rear fan can be mounted without any problem, same for the front ... the problems come in the other mount or those in high, the side and one at the bottom. I have a 412s then slot fan above the cpu is unusable, the second (always top) is inuitilizzabile because fan 120mm not enter because of the attachment feet of ram (you can not fix it properly), while those in the bottom and side which in theory should be mounted in the entry are very noisy, the wall where the fan rests (once screwed) bends slightly (even if it is not properly screwed in) and fan(any) is in contact with the support resulting whistle deafening. if you can not do that touch will whistle the same as the side panel is not very hard and the holes (where you mount the fan) move slightly grendo effect whistle xD my problem or is it a bit generalized? (sorry for my eng)
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