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  1. Oh no, those things have to be organized. All behind the motherboard, just, don't look behind my motherboard.
  2. Hey all, Made a purchase on the Tt Buy store last night, suggestion; The automated email you get after placing your order, has a place for your order information, i.e. what you ordered and your order number, but they aren't filled in, they are left blank. You basically get an email stating you ordered something, the date you ordered it, and how you paid for it. All this info can be accessed via logging into the TtBuy store, but, having it included in an order confirmation email would be good too. I know the TtBuy store is still relatively young in the United States.
  3. Not really, if you have a PC that is pulling, say 300 watts at full load, your platinum 600w PSU will pull say 320 watts from your wall, where at your bronze 750w will most likely pull 360, doesn't really matter what your max wattage is when it comes to pulling what it needs in terms of power. Plus, the extra wattage the bronze is pulling equals extra heat being generated in your PC, heat that is being generated by waste and can be avoided. There is also a quality difference, the bronze will most likely cost less, but at what expense? Cheaper capacitors, lower life expectancy, modular cabling, warranty, etc. You also have to think how good the ripple suppression is, voltage regulation, and heat generation.
  4. 240, but when I go full loop water cool, I may cut the top of the Level 10 GT and go 360.
  5. Still hacking away at Diablo 3. Probably work on installing some Skyrim mods (my wife keeps bugging me about that). Also going to play that game this weekend where you make big piles of leaves with an air blower.
  6. Did you guys actually go out into the warehouse and take those pictures just for me? If you did, that was a really cool thing to do. Thanks! Just placed my order for one, really couldn't beat the price.
  7. EVGA Supernova 1300. JohnnyGURU tested it and his tests state the thing could just about pass for Platinum. Just about the only part in my PC that isn't Tt (the one I wanted from you guys hasn't been released yet, I think you're still tweaking it). Your PSU is your heart, so your efficiency is VERY important. PSU's are one of those things that you get what you pay for, never skimp out on a PSU, I learned the hard way, had one with coil whine, and eventually fried my old PC. McBludgin - 80 Plus (trademarked 80 PLUS) is a voluntary certification program intended to promote efficient energy use in computer power supply units (PSUs). Launched in 2004 by Ecos Consulting, it certifies products that have more than 80% energy efficiency at 20%, 50% and 100% of rated load, and a power factor of 0.9 or greater at 100% load. That is, such PSUs will waste 20% or less electric energy as heat at the specified load levels, thus reducing electricity use and bills compared to less efficient PSUs. (From Wikipedia)
  8. Anyone have any internal shots of the current messenger bag you offer? I'm looking to switch from a backpack to a messenger bag, and need something that will carry your common tech items (tablet, phone / phablet, earbuds, cloth / cleaner, usb keys, lanyard, etc), so I need some padding and dedicated spaces in the internals. Dimensions too if you have them please. Thermaltake store doesn't show the internals.
  9. Dual SLI!! Probably this summer, but, it'll be worth the wait.
  10. I have 6 shoe boxes in my closet, arranged by type of part, power cords, audio/ video, etc. Two monitors I know I'll never use. I suddenly feel sad typing this.....
  11. Have you tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling the most current (not from disc) version?
  12. Compressed air, Pledge Wipes, Rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs!
  13. Is it just me, or does anyone else also have that heart pounding, "#### #### #### please work I don't want to spend a few hours fixing this!!", few minutes when flashing a BIOS, especially when you're using the onboard RAID controller, and you have to reset the array, and you're literally talking to your tower through your mind as it boots up "work, work, work, boot, BOOT!!!"? I love PC's, but flashing a BIOS when you have a few grand invested in your rig, is always a stressful thing for me. It all worked out well.
  14. What tempetures is everyone getting? I'm on the verge of attempting overclocking (see rig in sig), and my average idle temps are hanging around 30C, running stability on AIDA 64 - 55C, Prime95 - 66C, peaked out at 75C on Prime95, but only for a few seconds, then drops back down to the mid 60's. Wanted some comparison temps because I'm unsure if I applied enough thermal paste.
  15. One, so far. I'll never buy retail again.
  16. Water, if you're overclocking, it's the only option. Unless you're crazy, (and rich enough) to run phase change.
  17. To anyone who wants to forward this to any engineer, in the Level 10 mouse, it would be awesome if the DPI switch was a WASD instead.
  18. I love Windows 8.1, although it did need some heavy tweaking, it was a fantastic new direction for OS's to go in. I think 10 will be a lot better.
  19. Fixed the video link, it should be working now.
  20. Made a video of the mouse issue, this really hasn't happened until recently. Wasn't like this when I bought it. Video is listed as private, so it's only available to people who have the link listed below. Any thoughts? http://youtu.be/kARkbT4NHl4
  21. How about something that you do make already, just in your primary orage color? I would of easily bought the Level 10 mouse in orange instead of red. And I'm serious about that fan controller. Six fans, dial control, LED display single bay 5.25, 30W per fan. Bling it out with a Tt splash screen, BOOM. Any gaming monitor would have to be 24 inch 4K, with a TN panel to compete with what ASUS is offering, if you go with an IPS panel right now it'll be too expensive. Would need a stand that would offer both landscape and portrait position, and have an adjustible height, 8 inches or so. Speaking of monitors, you could also make a monitor stand to hold multiple monitors. Power supply accessory could be braided cables, that's a biggie. Since you're going into liquid cooling, I haven't heard anything from you guys about radiators, if you're going to do water blocks and resoviors, do the rads too, even the extra think ones. Think tubing and coolent too, think one stop shop, come to Tt and get everything you need. And again with the accessories, people love to advertise what they are proud of, and people are proud of their custom built PC's. People want the Tt stress ball at their office desk, they want the Tt Dude hanging out inside their case peeking through the window. People have t-shirts from Skyrim, people love to advertise. I'm on the East coast just outside of Philly, when am I going to get to Computex, or when is a convention going to be held near me, New York would be the closest, and it's nothing like the conventions on the West Coast. There is a market out there for that stuff, if there wasn't, sites like this wouldn'texist - http://www.corsair.com/en-ca/store/gear EDIT - BTW, that hoodie SUCKS, your red dragon one was MUCH better. Get the hint?
  22. Has anyone noticed a stability issue with the 15 degreee axis to the left / right? I've noticed that when I have it adjusted somewhere in the middle, it has a tendancy to rock back and forth about 3 / 5 degrees, it doesn't stay solidly in place. Right now I have it adjusted all the way to the left (left lowest, right highest), and having it to one extreme or the other is the only way to prevent it from rocking. I can take a video and upload it if needed.
  23. Are these available yet? I don't see them in the online store....
  24. I have the Formula VII MB, and I know that the software does not play nice together. I have to use the TT software for my CPU fans, and the ASUS software for everything else.
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