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  1. Great builds by all, but I am Going with my main man Marc on this one.
  2. The Barrow bulkhead fittings also arrived today and I must say they are excellent quality. I was very surprised with the quality of both the packaging and fittings. The packaging is a thick little bag with Barrow graphics, which is nice as most fittings just come half wrapped in sponge paper. The Fittings themselves are a perfect white and feel very solid. I also received the Thermaltake Riing 120 white LED fans today. Again, I want to give a massive shout out and thank you to the whole Thermaltake team for helping get this build finished!! Without you guys the front of this bui
  3. Update #5 I had that last post keyed up for a while but never got around to posting so this is going to flow straight up and cover a good chunk of the last whiles work. The mod gods where shining over Christmas and I got a lot of bits and pieces and Gift Cards which allowed me to buy more bits and pieces. So Boxing Day I was straight out to the hardware store to pick-up another sheet of the semi-opaque Acrylic sheet. Thankfully this sheet â€should†nearly do what I need to do. Hopefully the offcuts of both sheets will cover the rest of the smaller Fabrication that needs t
  4. Update #4 OK So I have a load of updates on the padded cell build so lets get right to it. First off I would like to give a HUGE shout out to Thermaltake, who have given me the chance to try out some of their awesome Tt Riing 120 Fans (In white of coarse!!) I was really stuck on front case fans and Thermaltake have definitely helped me out a bunch. So big props to the whole Tt family, you don’t know how much I appreciate this!!!! I finally managed to get myself a new Graphics card, a nice new MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4g. Yay, not much of an upgrade but it makes me super happy.
  5. Ok so I was recently accepted into Thermaltake's SPM testing program So I thought I would give a quick overview of the Thermaltake DPS G 650w PSU I received. The unit is 80 plus gold rated and as you can see is a semi modular. Unpacking the PSU it feels very sturdy and features flat cables cables kind of like the old school ribbon cables. All the modular cables are stored away securely in a nice little Thermaltake pouch. The PSU also comes with a extended 7 year warranty, which is great for people like me who are PSU jinxed. The DPS G 650w also features Tt’s new SPM soft
  6. I really wanted to cover up the gross stock rear panel so I pinched a rear connector cover I had made up for the padded cell and gave that a shoot with the emerald green also. I really like how this turned out. As for sleeving I decided to leave all the cables stock and salvaged what I could from my green cable box. This will hopefully give me some nice clean power results during the PSU testing phase. So after some messing round with case athletics and filling and bleeding the loop it was time to boot. I have a major LOVE/Hate relationship with this Asus Crosshair V. I
  7. Thermaltake recently started a testing program for the SPM compatible PSU’s and I was lucky enough to be chosen to test a 650w PSU. So I decided to throw together a quick Rig to test her out in. Most of this build is just that a build. A lot of the parts where already modded and painted by me previously but I thought it would be a cool little temporary PC while I finish off the Padded Cell build. I apologize for the lack of photos and the photo quality the build log was kind of a hindsight. Case – Coolermaster Haf-X Motherboard – Asus Crosshair V Formula CPU – AMD Phenom II
  8. Gonna have to give my vote to Fabio Moma, great build dude.
  9. Ok well to start this update we had a slight accident involving our new kitten Geiger, a 360 Radiator and my Aquaero V. Basically I was test fitting the radiator turned around to grab my tape measure and Geiger decided to jump on top of the case knocking the radiator down. He managed to bend a bunch of radiator fins and dinged up the core of my Alphacool 360. BUT after testing it doesn't leak so will have to make do for now. Once that crisis was dealt with I checked for any other damage and was destroyed to find one of the Relays on the rear of my Aquaero had also been struck. The top
  10. The other thing I am working on at the moment is the case inserts. The whole case and pedestal will have inserts for hiding plumbing and cables. So far I have made the PSU shroud for the right side of the case. This will also be where the Mayhems Aurora 2 water column which will be part of the ram/show loop will be mounted. The plan is to hide the fittings and just have a solid column through the centre of the case. I ended up picking up an el Cheapo 400mm ebay tube res to do the job of the column. I must say for a cheapo no name Res
  11. Hi all!!!! For those that don’t know me my name is John and I am an ex-modder, ex-overclocker current PC community commentator (Read as smart-####) from Rural Australia. I have spent the last year or 2 kind of stepping back from the industry and instead concentrating on study and my health. Well First post here so let me sum up the history of this freaking build. Basically I started building in the Caselabs M8 a few years ago (3??) and after a few attempts to fill it up and failing I have decided to make a concerted effort to finally get this thing finished at a level I can be proud of. So
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