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  1. Hey DKmann101, a fresh batch has just hit our USA office. Expect to see them up soon at the likes of NewEgg / Amazon. Thanks for asking.
  2. I stick with Tt eSPORTS certified mechanical brown switches. Got a nice feel, and doesn't disturb office-mates around me as the blues would. Lighting is fun, but not necessarily needed - I don't need to look at the keyboard, however some lighting in dark environments is very nice.
  3. Wow, that's a huge difference. Looks amazing!
  4. Got a Tt eSPORTS mouse pad, well come here and show it off! To get listed in the mouse pad owners club, please post the model name and picture proof & we'll list you as a member. i.e. PYRRHUS Team DK Edition 1. Tte Jeff - PYRRHUS Team DK Edition 2. Tte Martin - White-Ra Special Tactics pad (signed by White-Ra, Grubby, HasuObs, Socke, Stephano, Mvp, NesTea and seleCT) 3. Tte Jeremy - PYRRHUS 4. DKmann101 - DRACONEM aluminum mouse pad 5. White-Ra - White-Ra Special Tactics pad
  5. Tte Jeff

    VERTO Headset

    VERTO Headset gallery
  6. Tte Jeff

    Removable cables

    From the album: VERTO Headset

  7. Tte Jeff

    DSC 0488

    From the album: VERTO Headset

  8. Tte Jeff

    DSC 0474

    From the album: VERTO Headset

  9. The VERTO headset offers strong styling paired with comfort, affording it both a sophisticated touch & gaming feel. The dual headband design features a stainless steel outer frame for overall shape & stability while the elastic inner headband with leatherette padding auto-adjusts the sizing for perfect fit & comfort. Large earcups and protein leather ear cup padding provide users comfort over long term wear. Removable cables for both PC gaming and mobile use are included. Check out the product page here: http://ttesports.com/Headset/148/VERTO/productPage.htm?a=a
  10. What's your preferred switch for keyboards: Membrane, Plunger, Mechanical? Does back-lighting affect your choice in keyboard? If so, is it just to have back-lit keys, or are multiple colors/patterns a must have ?
  11. Got a Tt eSPORTS gaming mouse? Well post the model + a pic (pic needed as proof), and we'll add you to the list of the Tt eSPORTS Mouse Owner's club. i.e. 1. Tte JChang - THERON Infrared 2. HuGo_0 - THERON 3. Uber-Tiny - THERON 4. Merm - THERON 5. DelialFallen - Level 10 M Mouse 6. Tt Kenny - SAPHIRA Team DK Edition 7. ThermalMike - THERON Battle Edition 8. TheEnos - VENTUS ambidextrous laser gaming mouse 9. eGamers Vic - AZURUES Mini 10. TeeBlack - Level 10M Mouse (Iron White) 11. Tt Tautlih - VOLOS, THERON (Combat White)
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