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  1. Hello Chiobe,

    we have had some demand for the mentioned brackets but they are currently not available from our European branch office. We are looking for options but they'll require a bit of patience, I'm afraid.

    Might want to tell the factory to produce more then, as they are more or less needed to do any kind of build without a lot of modding.

  2. No one knows?


    I'm planning on stacking 3 of the Core X9, but since I'm lacking 1 vented side panel and 4-5 brakets, so wont it look good.

    I have been searching since I both this case at release, so its not because I have overlooked who sells them (unless they are really bad at marketing them self).


    If I dont get a respons soon, so will I drop this project and go with Caselabs for my big build instead.

    It will drive up the cost, but at least so wont I have a problem getting the parts I need.

  3. X9 side panels will be available through our customer support office in Germany by the end of April

    Does that include fan brakets as well?


    They are the only thing I cant get a hold of for my planned upgrade to 2 cases.

  4. Tt Buy for USA ships to USA and Canada only.


    You would want to contact our Germany office for pricing and availability for your region.

    Okay, its been a week since I contacted the Germany office, have heard nothing.

    Guess I wont be getting those brakets any time soon.


    Today I got the partition wall finished and the LEDs fitted to the acrylic back drop, so now the wires are hidden. Some of the fittings also arrived, mainly the 90 and 45 degree angles and tubing so I could start some routing. The cpu loop is almost complete, but I'm still waiting on funds to purchase all the water blocks from EK.

    You might want to try and get a darker color on the red, as that almost look pink.

  6. Looks like a nice build, just remember that cable management in a case like this, is everything for a clean look.


    Since you seem to have access to cutting tools, so would I have made a small hole on the side of the motherboard tray, so you dont have to run the cabels to the cable holes.

    The CPU power cable in black, is a good example of a cable that would have benefitted from a small hole next to it, so it dont have to run all the way around the motherboard.

  7. When will extra radiator brackets be available. I have 2 EK 480 PE rads and a XSPC ex360 rad. the 480s will be mounted at the top and I want to mount the 360 on one side. How do IO do that with only 2 brackets?

    Thats not a problem, you just give up the ability to mount the hard drive cages.

    So use the 2 brakets to mount the 3rd radiator and only use the hard drives you can fit under the motherboard, till the brackets are available.

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