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  1. Thank you all for participating in our CaseMOD Invitational Voting Event! Its time to announce the winner for our Season 1 Grand Final Prize WORTH $1300! So without further ado, we would like to congratulate sam10102539 Please inbox me (Tt Andy) with your shipping details and contact number and we will get your prize shipped to you soon! Deadline is July 15th 2015
  2. Hi Guys, i apologize my inbox was full soon after we launched the winners, if you didn't get through with your details please try again Sorry for any inconvenience
  3. Thank you all for joining the Community Voting Event and the Nomination event, here are the winners!! Congratulations guys and girls! Please inbox me (Tt Andy) with your shipping details and contact number and we will get your prize shipped to you soon! NOTE: Since Event was pushed back the Grand Final Winner will be released on June 19th, sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused Week 1 Voting Winners Core V51 Butcher9_9 TR2 700W Gold katinka86 Water 3.0 Extreme S DarkMiner25 ASUS RPAC52 Americanfreak Riing LED x 2 onkelwaldemar Avexir Core Series kabotee POESIDON Z Forged meaw EnerG 6600mAh Power bank Sanjaya Week 2 Voting Winners Core V71 TtFr33k TR2 700W Gold dreadbeast666 Water 3.0 Extreme iebous ASUS TUF Trooper B85 xFunOxygen Riing LED x 2 jtheater Avexir Core Series LilianaTsuji THERON PLUS+ Thanakit Sunantanam EnerG 6600mAh Power bank DigDuck Nomination Prize Core X9 Dabeavis DPS G 1050 Martin_591 Water 3.0 Extreme S 63sierra ASUS RPAC52 Najiro Riing LED x 4 RVFER Avexir Core Series Enkountor TteSPORTS Back V2 Hotcoolman Kingston HyperX 120gb SSD Acojonancio EnerG 6600mAh Power bank danacrd DEADLINE IS JULY 15th 2015
  4. Thanks for the nominations guys, we will be picking the winners soon! sorry for the delay
  5. Do you know any modders that you think have the skill to be in the next CaseMOD Invitational? All you have to do is simply write down the modders name in this thread and why we should invite him/her and we will see if they are eligible to be invited for CaseMOD Invitational Season 2! Nomination Event date: June 1st ~ June 5th Once you have commented in the thread you will automatically be entered to win one of the awesome prizes listed below!
  6. Hello fbrent60 Thanks for your patience and understanding, It seems that we have found the leaking problem! Can you please send your address and contact number to me in a private Message and we will get a o-ring sent to you asap Sorry for any inconveneance
  7. Hello fbrent60 Welcome to the forums, I just had a look at the video and it seems like there could be a few things that caused the problem, please try the following and let us know if it is working for you. If not please take a photo of the inside and we will try and sort things out for you Step 1 Please open your pump by twisting the cap off Step 2 Clean the insides and make sure there is no dust, dirt or any liquids inside. Step 3 Take the O-ring out and clean underneath including the O-ring itself Step 4 Place the o-ring back after everything is dry and clean, make sure its in the right position (refer to the photo) Step 5 Make sure the o-ring is secured properly then screw back the pump Step 6 When #### back the pump, make sure that everything is seated correctly especially the o-ring and fasten tightly
  8. Thanks for your patience guys! The winners for the Prediction Voting Event are listed below, please send a inbox message to me and please include your shipping details! We will be shipping out your items when the event has ended Thermaltake Core X2 = Mumbie Thermaltake TR2 600W Bronze = x4ngus Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme S = Fulga ASUS B85M-GAMER mATX = Notesoul Thermaltake Riing 12 LED x 2 = maxmyasato Avexir Core Series Tt Edition = Orel Hardy TteSports Challenger Prime = bucketoffail Luxa 2 EnerG 6660mAh Power Bank = tem214
  9. Hi Guys, thank you for voting ^^ Note: We will only be looking at the poll for results so remember to also vote using the poll, but feel free to chat here
  10. Hello Guys, thank you for all joining the Prediction Event This event is officially closed We will be picking the winners within a few days so check back to see if you have won!!
  11. welcome to the community Hoodman, i like the idea of this build and i cant wait to see the progress. Keep us up to date
  12. Nice idea! i have actually never seen anything like it! cant wait to see the progress
  13. Hello magonman23 Smart standard 750W (non-modular) and Smart 850W (modular) have different platforms inside, here is a review for the Smart standard 750W (non-modular): http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/5613/thermaltake-smart-750-watt-80-plus-bronze-power-supply-review/index5.html
  14. Prediction Voting Event (May 1st ~ May 14th) Predict who you think will win the event for your chance to win on of the listed prizes! All you have to do is comment below on who you think will win the 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational for your chance to win one of the 8 prizes! Click HERE for a full set of rules and prizes! The voting events will be commencing on May 15th and will be running for a total duration of two weeks, then there will be a Nomination event followed by the Grand final prize winner selection! Don't miss out on winning some awesome prizes from our sponsors !
  15. This year we ran our first Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational. We invited 7 modders from 7 countries to showcase their skills in a casemod Invitational battle!! So far the builds have all come out awesome and the modders are at the completion stages of the build, the time has come when we pick a winner for this years contest! Help us crown this year’s CaseMOD Invitational's winner to be in a chance to win awesome prizes from: To enter the competition is simple. All you have to do is vote for your favorite mod by selecting your winner and you will be in the draw to WIN! Reminder: You must be a member to vote on the poll seen at the top of this page, head over to the link below if you are having problems voting http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/voteForMe.html Week 1 Prizes Week 2 Prizes For the modders build logs please refer to the links below (AU) Stuart Tonks http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_au.html (UK) Richi Bowzer http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_uk.html (FR) Mathieu Delsuc http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_fr.html (US)Nick Blackwell http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_us.html (DE)Andy Weber http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_de.html (JP) Fabio Moma http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_jp.html (TH) Suchao Prowphong http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_th.html
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