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  1. Mikes right, the power can linger inside the capacitor for some time. Try turning off your computer, unplug the power and press the power on button on your case, this usually helps to get rid of the remaining power stored
  2. Not to worry, Mike will take good care of you
  3. agreed nice positioning with the pump! cant wait to see the progress
  4. Contest closed thanks guys for playing, will choose a winner soon
  5. Our friends over at Scan Computers are giving away a Thermaltake Core X9 !! Click Here to Enter! Closing date for this competition is Tuesday March 31, 2015 Open for UK residents only
  6. Hello kpapad, Welcome to the forums, It seems like there might be a issue with your power supply, your right when the switch is set to off it should NOT have a consumption of 15 watts. In order to determine the problem, can you please help me try the following steps 1) Plug the power meter to the wall and have nothing connected to it and see if there is any kind of power consumption? 2) Plug on only the power supply cord into the power meter and see if there is any power consumption? 3) Have you tried to plug anything else into the power meter? Thanks
  7. Hello Vitor, We are sorry to hear what happened to your reservoir, i think it could be one of the two things that could have made it crack 1) Water temps exceeding 50deg Celsius 2) After a 24 hours of testing you need completely bleed out the air because it will start to produce pressure in your loop and the pressure will find the weakest point to burst. Anyway i have let the team know what happened and we will have one of our customer service representatives contact you Please let me know if you have any additional questions, sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused
  8. Nice build man! love the paintwork
  9. Hello terminal.velocity, Have you tried other PSU's with your current system? or tried this PSU on another system? it sounds like there might be a problem but in order to find out what the problem we have to find out if there is problems with the other components
  10. We had a lot of cool and exciting builds displayed at our past exhibitions, write a comment below on which one you think is best and why for a chance to win a GOrb II !! Entries will close on 2015/03/02 Note: There is only 1 entry per Tt community account, multiple posts will be removed from the event.
  11. Very nice custom LCS build! haha i like the way the pump is mounted
  12. We built a few custom rigs for Computex 2013 which is your favorite? More event photos: Link
  13. Anyone miss out on CES 2013? here are some of the photos!
  14. Check out what we had on display at Cebit 2009 !!
  15. Here are some of our custom builds that were displayed at Cebit 2011 Let us know which one you guys like better For more event photos head over to our event thread : Link
  16. Check out what we had for display at Cebit 2011 ! Anything you like?
  17. Here are some of our builds displayed at CES 2014, let us know what your favorite build is!
  18. Check out what we had to show back at Computex 2009!
  19. Here are some of the Computex 2010 event photos for the guys that missed it! Whats your favorite?
  20. Here are some of the photos from Computex 2013, what's your favorite? Booth design Modding cases Urban series in white Chaser tank mod More tanks Level 10 Avengers mod Chaser, AMD red theme Urban series, simple yet elegant
  21. For the people that did not catch us back at Computex 2014, i have uploaded some of the photos for you guys to check out! Let us know in the comments what was your favorite product last year Booth design Storage Power supply Cooling Core V41 Core V1 Core V31 NVidia Core V71 Test bench setup Aircooling Pacific RL series Radiators More Radiators! Laptop cooling More laptop cooling! Luna fans Pure series fans Water 3.0 Ultimate 360mm AIO watercooling Water 3.0 Pro & Water 3.0 Performer Fittings! Waterblocks D5 Pumps 5.25" bay reservoir External Storage Fan hub and a lot of fans Our display setup!
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