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  1. End of the year is close, whats everyone's next upgrade? I would like to upgrade my CPU to socket 2011 from 1150 but my wallet says otherwise
  2. Compressed air works wonders !
  3. Well when i first started building PC's the first time booting would always make my heart stop..
  4. Warloards of Draenor coming out today who's going to play?
  5. I'm currently using a 100m connection Wish it was faster but i think for gaming it relies more on server location and ping so i guess 100m is enough
  6. I'm quite excited for the Warcraft movie though there wasn't really much information apart from a few drawings and a panel I also like the idea of Overwatch, signed up for the beta already :D Others i was interested was HoTs tournament and the new hero's that are coming out such as Thrall, Jaina, Lost vikings ! very excited lol
  7. Wow thats crazy man... lucky you were near to turn it off quickly I nearly had a electrical fire last year when i was mining, i had about 15 cards sucking power off a old power strip and the cord was tucked under a rug ( for cable management you know )... Anyway cord got warm the rug got burned, I was lucky to be close because i think any later the rug would have gone up in flames
  8. Cleaning the dust of the PSU cables... I set up my rig as pos pressure but when the filters get clogged it turns into neg pressure which happens within a matter of a week
  9. Great build man! btw In the 2nd picture is it me or is the fan blowing in from the back
  10. Metallica is going to close the ceremony! u have any spare virtual tickets ?
  11. D3 lol http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Bcool-3288/hero/45556307 its been a while since i last played
  12. Well depends how much spare cash i have lying around.. usually every year or so Building PC's for others i do when i have spare time.. maybe done about 3 builds for others this year
  13. What application method do you use when applying thermal paste? For me i use the pea method, just by putting a dot on the middle of my CPU (smaller than a pea though) and then use the pressure of the block to automatically spread it. I have herd of other ways such as the line method, cross method and the spreading method. What floats your boat?
  14. Yeh it would have to be very creative, but i think it would be a fun project !
  15. Yeh it seems like the card dimensions are perfect with the EVGA FTW · Height: 4.376in - 111.15mm · Length: 9.5in - 241.3mm · Width: Dual Slot
  16. Fellow Core V1 owner's, just wanted to let you guys know that the Core V1 side panel is now on Ttbuy! Check out this thread for more details!
  17. Great news guys, Core V1 Windowed Panel is now available on Ttbuy! For more information please click the following link! Website link Buy now Thermaltake Core V1 Window Panel With the Core V1 Window Panel from Thermaltake, present a new look with even more options for your chassis. This interchangeable panel provides options to replace stock panels with a full window view panel of your internal components. Showcase your custom PC and take your build to the next level! The Ultimate Presentation Symmetrical panels allow users options for customization. Interchange any side for crystal clear viewing for the ultimate presentation.
  18. Hello G_Board, The cooler on that card is actually quite beefy, it's a 3 slot card with a length of 302mm. The Core V1 maximum GPU support is 285mm. Have you thought about using the other zotac versions of the GTX 970?
  19. Well it depends on what kind of gaming Racing, Mmorpg, fighting, brawler Arcade: Tekken 5, 6, Tekken tag 2 Daytona (drift styles with manual on the arcade machine!) There are a lot of other racing car games that come and go.. Playstation: Gran Turismo, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 GTA SA, 4, 5 Need for speed (carbon was the best!) PC: Heroes of the storm no.1 game for me atm World of Warcraft < have no time for you anymore Used to play BF3 and BF4 < i have to pay for extra maps? ####.. used to play dota 2 <cant remember why i quit
  20. Well this is my setup if i had the cash Case Thermaltake Level 10 Titanium edition CPU: Intel Core i7-5960X Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws 4 DDR4-3333 16gb Motherboard: EVGA X99 Classified LGA 2011-v3 Cooling: Tt custom LCS GPU: Nvidia Titan Z x 2 (4 way SLI) with EK-FC Titan Z waterblock SSD: Seagate 600 SSD (5mm) 480gb HDD: WD Caviar black 2TB 7200rpm PSU: Thermaltake TPG 1050M Monitors lol... 4k? as big as i can get, then times that by 6 !!! or a LG curved 4k TV
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