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  1. Hi Guys, thank you all for cooperating with us for this contest/ giveaway i want to apologize for all the changes since the launch of this game Anyway, without further adieu here are our weekly winners, congratulations guys, please inbox me with your shipping details! Sill have 1 more week, so if you didn't win feel free to enter again Prize 1 Poseidon Z RVFER Prize 2 Ventus Mouse HappyBuddhaman Prize 3 Tt Dude Package CyberDustin777
  2. Tt Andy

    Case Fans

    Hello Technical, Regarding to the mounting of the fans, we actually provide mounting screws when you buy the Luna fans What you do is tip your case over and screw the provided mounting screws from under the chassis. Please let us know if you have any problems with the installation, we will be happy to give pointers
  3. Hello Saracg, Since you are in Turkey, I think the fastest way would be to contact the re-seller in your area first and see if they can replace that part for you, otherwise you can contact our distributor or our customer service.
  4. Welcome to the forums Carlos ! Enjoy your stay and good luck
  5. Hello Charles, I think the best option would be to get it replaced, please give our team over in USA a call or mail Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused By Email: support@thermaltakeusa.com By Phone: Toll-Free 800-988-1088 M-F 9:00AM – 5:30PM (P.S.T)
  6. Tt Andy

    Case Fans

    Here is a photo of the Luna fans installed on the Core V71
  7. Video Card Minimum NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 or AMD Radeon HD 7970 (2 GB VRAM) Recommended NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 or AMD Radeon R9 290X (3 GB VRAM) Wow that's a bit .... but yes my comp can run it :D
  8. Well the only store PC i would buy is a laptop, well i guess its not really a PC But honestly if i was loaded and had money growing from a tree in the back yard i would be happy to pay twice the price for the same specs on a pre-built PC. but until money grows on trees i think i will buy my own hardware and put it together myself
  9. never done a theme before but will maybe in the future, actually OK here is my alien mod since its impossible to fix the tubes and looks quite ugly
  10. Yes its quite unfortunate, thank you for understanding
  11. Due to some concerns we will be changing the contest to a giveaway, anyone that plays the game will be eligible to win the prizes, all you have to do is post a screenshot of your end score on the thread and we will be randomly picking the winner. You can check the details on the first page We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding
  12. Noted with thanks, i guess to backup your own scores and posting it on the forum gives us the best indication on the standings Thanks for the help guys!
  13. We have decided to lift the previous rule which only allowed 1 user to place their name once, so feel free to key in your name If you have a extremely high score i suggest you post it on this thread, for our reference
  14. We have been trying to make this game a better experience for all but since its a template, unfortunatly we are unable to change that much
  15. Hello Guys, We have fixed the issue and reset the scores, to make the experience better for all please let us know if you bump into any other bugs thanks
  16. Hello Morgoth, The reason that i wanted to implement this rule is because we wanted more users to have the opportunity to be on the scoreboard anyway will well see what happens. I do agree that this rule might not be as good as we thought and might remove it
  17. Hello Guys, We have been informed that there is a bug in the game where it allowed users to keep their total score for the next round, we are trying to fix this issue and we will reset the scores when this is fixed, we are sorry for any inconvenience
  18. Hello Cleverandy, There was a problem on our end but its fixed now, please try again. This map is a lot more fun than the other map with big bonuses so we will be expecting higher scores. Since you have posted your score, we will take your score into account when we are picking the winners! Thanks for playing
  19. Congratulations Round 1 Winners! Please inbox me your details!
  20. Hello Guys i have an announcement Sorry, but to make it fair for everyone this week we will be changing a few rules.... Only 1 score aloud on the table per user, multiple entry's from a user will be disqualified. Also as you guys may have noticed, the scores keep getting deleted by an anonymous user (Hacker). Its people like this that spoils the fun for everyone, from now on we will back up the scores once per day to prevent the loss of scores. If you have a high score please feel free to post it on this thread as a indication and safety procedure, if we missed out anyone's high score we are sorry Thank you for your support
  21. Like the title says, whats your favorite color scheme? I have seen mostly red and blue builds, but recently i'm really digging the white LED look. They look more simple and not too over the top. What color schemes do you guys like?
  22. Guys, the scores have been fixed, player <none> is Manual Lopez so far with the huge lead
  23. Hi Guys, Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the current situation, Last night there was someone that cleared the high-scores which was not from our end. We are looking into the issue and don't worry your scores are safe. We will add last nights high scores to the previous list We are sorry for any confusion Good luck guys
  24. hahaha that's true, though i think it would be kind of hard to load it up with data these days, 2TB has actually lasted me over 2 years and still about 40% empty
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