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  1. And many many more..... so look out for the logo!
  2. I used to watch Naruto! but i stopped after the 2nd or 3rd season... Other anime i used to watch were Pokemon and Dragon Ball z which were on every morning before school!
  3. I like my computers the same way I like my cars. Done up exterior and engine modified for performance. Basically a rig with a nice body and runs at its best (no flashy lights).
  4. Ah my mistake, yeh it makes sense to put primer on first to get the color you want... now you got me curious on what color your indenting to paint anyway looking forward to seeing your build progress! will put this thread on follow
  5. Yeh, that's a big problem with 2 or more cards... when u sandwich the cards like that and your not using a blower type cooler all the heat just gets spread around your case. When i was running my 280x x 3 on air it was impossible to keep the temps down on the lower cards.. what i found helpful is to have a fan at the front of the cards pushing air directly between the cards.. doesn't look the best, but it works!
  6. Hello Renegade and Welcome to the forums! Looks like your off to a good start on your mod, will you be going for the full white look? Regards to some of the questions on Core V71, we actually have an owners club you might want to check out. Also, for spare parts i think you can contact our Australia & NZ team. if they have any spares they should be able to help you out!
  7. looking forward to seeing the progress Van, good luck on the build!!
  8. Well if it works for you, that's good man! Seems like you have utilized the interior of your case very well !
  9. Hello CareFactorOver9000, Well the sound dampening material built in would slightly effect the temperatures, but the difference is minimal. The trick would to be to run high quality fans with plenty of airflow Its really up to the user to weigh in what they prefer in a build and what the build is for. For your second question regarding the egg carton shape, it actually works as a dampener with the foam material but at the same time it will help with echo reduction by scattering sound waves using the "egg carton shape"
  10. Wow, very clean setup!! I have a Tt dude watching me work too haha !!
  11. Nice build Drevni! BTW did you paint the front panel white? looks quite cool
  12. Not enough power to run your overclocked cards? don't let your old power supply go to waste! The new Thermaltake dual PSU 24pin adapter cable comes with high quality connectors to connect two power supply units to a single motherboard, enabling the addition of a second power supply unit. Pictures below show 3 Overclocked GTX's in SLI benching 3DMark! The Dual 24pin adapter cable can be easily connected to two power supply units simultaneously. When you require higher wattage from your PSU you can keep your existing unit (rather than replacing it) and connect an additional unit to meet your power requirement. For more information on the cable you can visit this LINK
  13. Someone installs windows 95 on a Smartwatch lol..
  14. I regret not going for the best card straight away, the power is never enough haha over 6 months from 650Ti to 660 to 770 to 280x to 290.... why didn't i just get something high end at the beginning QQ Same happens with CPU, i think i can save on a CPU so i go for a mid ranged... regret
  15. Warlords of Draenor!!!!!!!!!!! Heroes of the storm / been offline for a week now!!!
  16. This thread is dedicated to the Simple yet elegant Urban R series! Post your photo of your Urban R series chassis to join the club!! Thermaltake Urban R31: More info Thermaltake Urban R21: More info
  17. This thread is dedicated to the Simple yet elegant Urban T series! Post your photo of your Urban T series chassis to join the club!! Thermaltake Urban T21 : More info Thermaltake Urban T31: More info Thermaltake T81: More info Member list
  18. Has anyone built any Thermaltake silence optimized builds? We actually have a few cases that can provide you with great sound dampening whilst keeping a simple yet elegant look! Urban T31 : Click for more info Urban R31 : Click for more info
  19. Wow, Nice build rodrosenburg! Cant believe that awesome mod only took you 24 hours!
  20. Thanks guys for entering, I'm proud to announce this weeks winner! Notesoul congratulations, and enjoy your core V1!! Please inbox me your details Also i would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for participating in this giveaway, don't be sad if you missed out! We will be holding something even bigger and better next time so look out for it Thank you all for your support!
  21. Hello guys, The competition has closed thank you all for entering, winner will be released soon so stay tuned!
  22. That build looks awesome man! Just out of curiosity, 600w for crossfire 7970 hows the PSU holding up? you must be squeezing every little bit of juice out of that power supply
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