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  1. Hello Wolfhidn, Please contact our customer service, they should be able to help http://my.thermaltake.com/index.aspx
  2. Nice card, correct me if i'm wrong but to me it looks like a 7990!!
  3. Did you take the photo from an iPhone? i think you have to turn the picture
  4. Hello Ost-Trieb Welcome to the forums, just wondering what model PSU are you using?
  5. Tt Andy

    Xaser III case

    Hi dyajim, See if the figure below helps
  6. Tt Andy

    Xaser III case

    Hello dyajim, are you able to take a photo?
  7. Tt Andy

    Xaser III case

    Hello dynajim, and welcome to the community! Regarding the logo light on the Xaser III, yes its powered by a 12 volt source so shouldn't be much of a problem Please let us know if you need any further assistance
  8. Hello TtFr33k Thank you for your support, Unfortunately all stores in Australia are fully pre-ordered and sold out earliest will be around mid April Sorry for any inconvenience
  9. nice! subscribed, cant wait to see the progress
  10. Thanks for the updates! looking good! now 1 more loop to go:)
  11. Wow 3 x 480 rads? do you have any photos you can share?
  12. Hello Philtrev, You don't really need a UPS with your supply unless you live in a area where the power is not stable. Usually when the power is not stable, you will tend to see your computer turn off or reset "brown out"
  13. Hello Wingfat, Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused We have notified our customer service regarding your situation and they will provide you a replacement res asap We suggest placing the new res in vertical orientation and to leave the fill port cap off for an additional few days just to make sure there is no pressure inside your loop, sometimes it takes a few days to expel the pressure completely and with horizontal orientation on your res its actually really hard to bleed the air out, the pressure usually finds the weakest spot in your loop and bursts. Please feel free to PM me if you have any concerns
  14. I just noticed that you put a Raystorm block on the card, was it hard getting it to fit properly? I've placed CPU coolers on GPU's before but had a problem with the ram on the card overheating, was that a problem for you?
  15. Hello Wingfat, apart from aesthetics it wont make any difference
  16. Looking good man! looks much more colorful with the coolant inside! We would sill suggest leaving the fill port cap loose or off for at least another 24 hours to make sure ALL the air is bled out just to be sure, sometimes the bubbles can be very small and might cause problems in the future Anyway great build, looking forward to seeing more
  17. Hello Wingfat, awesome build indeed! Just wondering how will you fill and bleed your system as the reservoir is in horizontal orientation and your components are quite close. We would suggest tipping your case to its side so that your reservoir in in vertical orientation. this will allow you to fill your reservoir with less problems, just remember to keep your fill port open when bleeding air and testing loop. We suggest about 24- 48 hours testing without the fill port on to eliminate pressure buildup. Good luck on the build
  18. Thats good to hear, Also just a tip for when testing the loop and bleeding the air out, we usually recommend leaving the fill port open for a 24 - 48 hours while the loop is running this will minimize the pressure in the loop and will make your loop run more smoothly. Good luck on the build we would love to see your build when its complete!
  19. Hello Roberto, Blue LED light indicates that there is power connected, so you wont be able to determine if it is working or not by looking at the LED To help determine what problem is accruing, please try the following steps 1. Make sure that all cables are connected 2. Ensure the SATA cable is not damaged, you can change it to a 3.5-inch wire to test 3. Try with another good hard drive to test
  20. The winner for this giveaway is Peten Congratulations you have won yourself a GOrb II !! Please inbox me your details and we will send you your prize
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