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  1. welcome to the community Hoodman, i like the idea of this build and i cant wait to see the progress. Keep us up to date
  2. Nice idea! i have actually never seen anything like it! cant wait to see the progress
  3. Hello magonman23 Smart standard 750W (non-modular) and Smart 850W (modular) have different platforms inside, here is a review for the Smart standard 750W (non-modular): http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/5613/thermaltake-smart-750-watt-80-plus-bronze-power-supply-review/index5.html
  4. Prediction Voting Event (May 1st ~ May 14th) Predict who you think will win the event for your chance to win on of the listed prizes! All you have to do is comment below on who you think will win the 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational for your chance to win one of the 8 prizes! Click HERE for a full set of rules and prizes! The voting events will be commencing on May 15th and will be running for a total duration of two weeks, then there will be a Nomination event followed by the Grand final prize winner selection! Don't miss out on winning some awesome prizes from our sponsors !
  5. This year we ran our first Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational. We invited 7 modders from 7 countries to showcase their skills in a casemod Invitational battle!! So far the builds have all come out awesome and the modders are at the completion stages of the build, the time has come when we pick a winner for this years contest! Help us crown this year’s CaseMOD Invitational's winner to be in a chance to win awesome prizes from: To enter the competition is simple. All you have to do is vote for your favorite mod by selecting your winner and you will be in the draw to WIN! Reminder: You must be a member to vote on the poll seen at the top of this page, head over to the link below if you are having problems voting http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/voteForMe.html Week 1 Prizes Week 2 Prizes For the modders build logs please refer to the links below (AU) Stuart Tonks http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_au.html (UK) Richi Bowzer http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_uk.html (FR) Mathieu Delsuc http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_fr.html (US)Nick Blackwell http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_us.html (DE)Andy Weber http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_de.html (JP) Fabio Moma http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_jp.html (TH) Suchao Prowphong http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_th.html
  6. Hello Wolfhidn, Please contact our customer service, they should be able to help http://my.thermaltake.com/index.aspx
  7. Nice card, correct me if i'm wrong but to me it looks like a 7990!!
  8. Did you take the photo from an iPhone? i think you have to turn the picture
  9. Hello Ost-Trieb Welcome to the forums, just wondering what model PSU are you using?
  10. Tt Andy

    Xaser III case

    Hi dyajim, See if the figure below helps
  11. Tt Andy

    Xaser III case

    Hello dyajim, are you able to take a photo?
  12. Tt Andy

    Xaser III case

    Hello dynajim, and welcome to the community! Regarding the logo light on the Xaser III, yes its powered by a 12 volt source so shouldn't be much of a problem Please let us know if you need any further assistance
  13. Hello TtFr33k Thank you for your support, Unfortunately all stores in Australia are fully pre-ordered and sold out earliest will be around mid April Sorry for any inconvenience
  14. nice! subscribed, cant wait to see the progress
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