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  1. yea my camera is only my phone camera so the quality isnt the greatest. i personally have never been one for blue myself, but i figured it should go with the power light and my mouse because they too are blue LED. im just waiting till im not working overnight to get the good pictures. i expect to not have to turn on the light with how bright they are.
  2. Its been a few weeks since i was on here and figured i should update my workings . i do apologise for the dodgy camera shots, all i have is my phone. i installed some new blue LED fans to go with the blue power light on the case already.
  3. Update: after looking around at cable management I came to this after half an hour of messing around and decided I really don't have to extend the window. But it may be time to get that can of air and clean it all out
  4. Hey, I own the urban r31 and I'm thinking about modding the inside of my case with led lights and such but I feel the window isn't big enough. Any ideas on how to expand the window at all? I'm also having trouble keeping the cords tidy. Any tips on that?
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