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  1. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. May i know the following info for troubleshooting. Neonmaker version? Which TT Products you connected and how many: Did you install TT RGB Plus? does it work fine?
  2. Hi, May i know the follow in info. OS version, CPU, MB, PSU, qty of TT products you connect, how you connect these products to controllers, connection between controllers and PSU.
  3. Hi, 3 riing quad on each controllers is ok, and connect the controllers to different molex (4pin) cable.
  4. Hi, sorry for the inconvenience, the only version we have is 1.0, since this product was EOL several years ago.
  5. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. May i know your OS version? The reason i ask is since windows releases win 10 2004 update, we have received some controller fail reports, some major MB makers also received it, it will cause USB detection fail, then system does not recognize the controller and products you plugged. Could you check "device manager" in windows see if it shows USB driver error or USB fail? If yes, right click to uninstall the device and restart your PC.
  6. First, may i know your OS version? Since windows releases win 10 2004 update, we have received some controller fail reports, some major MB makers also received it, it will cause USB detection fail, then system does not recognize the controller and products you plugged. It may be the reason of your 1st and 2nd issue. Currently we are trying to figure out how to solve this issue, especially on Riing Quad. If you didnt install 2004 update, it might be a defective controller, our customer service can help you to go through RMA process. For the 3rd issue, if you mean Riing Quad does not show on neonmaker, if might be the same issue like mentioned above. if it is not riing quad, for case fan, Neonmaker currently only support Riing quad and Riing Trio fan. Regarding RAM, checked with our software team, it is a detection error, they will fix it asap. TT RGB Plus and Neonmaker can not be used with MSI RGB software at the same time, if you choose to use TT Sync controller, then all products will not show on TT RGB Plus and Neonmaker.
  7. Hi, Just in case any users like to install all three riing quad on one side, if you choose to plug riing quad fans on different side, that's no problem.
  8. Hi, Thank you for support us. Water 3.0 ARGB AIO is a non-software controlled product, so you can not use our software to monitor those info, but you can go to BIOS to check it, I think ROG also offers some software to monitor those info.
  9. Hi, Did you mean Water 3.0 extreme or Water 3.0 extreme S? Cuz "extreme S" does not need a software. If it is Water 3.0 extreme, please download it here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xsOh7KHi2Nc_qAVqhupkjyajYPT4yKY7/view?usp=sharing
  10. Hi, Team group replied us late last friday, they gave us a firmware update, we will test it this week.
  11. Hi, If you have any product questions or issues, please feel free to post here.
  12. Hi, You can plug max 4 riing quad to TT Sync controller, but once you connected 4 quad, it reaches the max voltage, you can not plug any other products to TT Sync controller. btw, if you connect 3 riing quad on the same side (attached pic), need to make sure your MB header can support over 162 LEDs, cuz every board maker has different ARGB LEDs max support qty. We do have Riing plus single fan, please check the link below. Riing Quad single will be available late this month. https://www.ttpremium.com/product/riing-plus-12-rgb-radiator-fan-tt-premium-edition-single-fan-pack/
  13. Checked, your MB has 5V header, please check the connection instruction below.
  14. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for you feedbacks, we will pay more attention to product quality control. For the defective controller and case panel screws, please contact cs3@thermaltake.com.tw for RMA.
  15. HI, TT Sync controller is designed for Riing quad, trio, duo, plus and pure plus fan, the connector is 9pin, so 5pin rgb fan of view 71 case can not be plugged.
  16. Hi, We just received reply from Razer, they found the same issue this week, they plan to release an update as soon as this month.
  17. Glad it helps. May I know which MB you have? You MB must equipped a 5V ARGB header.
  18. Hi, Yes, water blocks for RTX 30 series coming soon.
  19. 2. Cuz one USB 2.0 header actually is 2 x USB 2.0 ports, and one port can support max 4 controllers, play it safe, it would be better to use the splitter cable to connect those controllers, means you actually use 2 x usb ports. 3. the rear fan came with view 71 should be connected to a PCB which perinstalled in view 71, dont need to plug the fan to other headers.
  20. Hi, May i know what products you plug into controller 1 and 2? Did TT RGB Plus show any error code, when you only connect controller 2? or you even can not boot up the software?
  21. Hi, The sync controller you bought is TT sync controller right? like attached photo. If yes, it is designed for MB RGB software, so it can not sync with TT RGB Plus.
  22. Hi, Correct, controller 1 x 5 trio, controller 2 x 5 trio, con 3 x 4 trio, con 4 x 4 trio. One molex connects to only one controller, cuz these are high voltage LEDs. To connect MB USB header, please check attached manual, use cable C to plug into USB header and connects to controller 1 and 2 (cable C is a splitter cable), then use cable D to connect "controller 1 and controller 3", then same as "controller 2 connects controller 4". The fan came with view 71 can not plug into the controllers, it is different connector.
  23. Hi, A few questions. May I know your PSU model name? Did you mean your PSU does not have a molex (4pin) cable? Our customer service said the controller can be plugged into SATA? May i know which country's customer service?
  24. Hi, 1. To connect total 6 controllers to molex 4pin, you need at least 4 molex cables. 2. You can find a daisy chain cable comes with each riing trio, but each USB header from mb only supports max. 4 controller. 3. the TT-1425 should be a RGB fan, it is not a TT RGB Plus enabled product. View 71 has more than 3 different version, may i know the full product model of your case?
  25. Hi, The one with strange lighting color seems the LEDs are defective. Please send mail to cs3@thermaltake.com.tw for RMA.
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