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  1. Hi, here is the link, if you are interested in the product, you can order here. https://www.scan.co.uk/products/thermaltake-th360-argb-sync-360mm-all-in-one-cpu-hydro-cooler-w-argb-lighting-3x120mm-pwm-fan-intel
  2. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. May i know which case you have? Did you try to re-plug the fan cable?
  3. Hi, thank you for supporting Thermaltake. The one you have right now is PR22-D5 non RGB version? PR22-D5 and PR22-D5 Plus share the same structure, but the inlet port may be a bit different, you may need to change the inlet tube a bit.
  4. Hi, Water 3.0 ULTIMATE is an EOL SKU, means we no longer sell this model. If you are looking for a 360 AIO, you may consider our new 360 AIO, though it is an ARGB version, but you can turn the light off by manually, and the price is also reasonable, Scan will sku up in two weeks. https://www.thermaltake.com/th360-argb-sync.html
  5. Hi, The LED is defective, please msg me your email and where you bought this product, our customer service will contact you soon.
  6. Hi, The fan you bought did not have a controller inside the color box? This version of RGB fan we sell is 3pack with one controller, and the controller is not sold separately.
  7. Hi, Did you mean the fans came with your view 71 RGB has no controller inside? or you need an extra controller ?
  8. Did you plug the AIO's LED to MB header? which MB you are using? cuz it seems a software issue.
  9. Hi, Looks like it's LEDs defective, please msg me your email and where you purchased the AIO, our customer service will contact you soon.
  10. Hi, Looks like the LEDs are defective, please msg me you email and where you purchased the AIO, i will pass it to our customer service, they will contact you soon.
  11. Hi, Did you try to plug the fans and pump to the little controller that came with the AIO cooler? The controller is designed for those who's mb does not have RGB header, can you try to unplug the products from MB and plug them to the controller, see if the LEDs light up.
  12. Hi, If you go back to the old version likes 2017 or 2018, there are many updates like bug fix and new functions will be disabled. Our R&D team will have a new version this week, it should solve this issue, could you wait for a couple days?
  13. Hi, Have you tried the test version that Tony.P uploaded?
  14. Hi, TT RGB Plus only works in Windows, the profile and programs are stored in your hard drive. If you go with Linux, the products will work as normal, LED lights up no problem, but the software wont activate in Linux and you cant control the products in TT RGB Plus. Yes, you can fit the fans, please see attached fan support list. For controllers connection, you will need to use 4 controllers and 4 molex cables, and here is our suggestion, (2 x trio 20 + 1 x controller + 1 x molex 4pin cable), (2 x trio 20 + 1 x controller + 1 x molex 4pin cable), (4 x trio 12 + 1 x controller + 1 x molex 4pin cable), (1 x floe riing 360 aio + 1 x controller + 1 x molex 4pin cable). Our AIO already have thermal grease applied, you can change a new one if you like. No aluminum in water block, and screws have no contact with coolant in AIO. You can check pump speed in BIOS, make sure it's still running. Yes, the first controller connects to on board USB 2.0.
  15. Hi, It seems a voltage issue, cuz riing quad features 54 LEDs on each fan, i would suggest that move 2 fans from controller 1 to controller 2, means one controller only plugs 3 riing quad fans, please let me know if it works.
  16. Hi, Please check the link below, just want to confirm if we are talking the same case? https://www.thermaltake.com/view-71-tempered-glass-rgb-edition.html If yes, the fans pre-installed are analog version RGB fan, please check the link, it should be the one you are looking for https://www.ttpremium.com/product/riing-14-led-rgb-256-colors-fan-3-fan-pack/
  17. Hi, Got it, our customer service will contact you soon.
  18. Hi, May I know what is the AIO model name? It looks like the bottom three LEDs on water block are defective.
  19. Hi, It is only available for 6pack right now, but we will take your suggestion into consideration.
  20. Hi, Just want to check if you try this version in windows or linux? cuz the profile is stored in your hard driver and it only be activated in windows environment, if you are in Linux, TT RGB Plus will not load the profile.
  21. Hi, We've contacted Razer for the issue, after discussed, we need some details, 1. Could you shoot a short clip when the issue happened 2. attached is TT RGB PLUS Debug mode, may need your help to follow the step and send us back the log. TT RGB PLUS Debug Mode.docx
  22. Hi, You can try the attached version, we found the same issue and have a new update, but this version is still under test, you may try see if it work. TT_RGB_Plus_Setup_1.3.802_x64.exe.zip
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