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  1. Guys, Amazing job on this keyboard. I stated in another post that ive had this keyboard now for about 6 months, and still cant tell any age to it, Mechanical keys are holding up great! I work in an office environment and this RGB Keyboard sees tons of heavy use all day long with, chats and notes. And then when I'm home its being used to browse the web and play games. I'm not typically a fan of using Blue switches to play games, But I'm using it to really see what this keyboard can do, It is honestly one of the cheapest boards i own, and its sadly one of the nicest. This is actually my second board from Thermaltake, but i have the ZX witch was my first 75% board, and not sure if I'm liking the idea of no Ten Key. Ive uploaded my photos of my RGB Blue switch. Looks great even in a well lit area. Recommended to anyone looking for a mechanical RGB keyboard with a lot of potential for upgrades the few dollars spent on it. Good Job Thermaltake!
  2. If we can just get a software to run like how Corsair does. You would then have the cheapest Keyboard on the market that can do such things with the lighting effects/ and being Mechanical. Have had mine for about 6 months now, have had no further issues since the update. Profiles apply fine, lights don't stay on like some others are experiencing. Switches are holding up great. (these are Blues btw) I work in a office environment, and my keyboard is heavily used by myself, and others interested in Mechanical keyboards. I do agree though, only downside to this keyboard is the limitations to the lighting profiles.. If you could do like the "Idle" effect where after so long, keyboard will switch to a different profile that you made/chose. Being able to do animation like the Corsair does, would make this keyboard the best for its money, and would instantly buy a few more for myself, and would highly recommend it to my work buddies who are also into Mechanical keyboards. The idle effects would look great to leave the keyboard at work for others to walk by and watch it do its thing/things. Hope the 2016 Update brings a new light on this keyboard, have a feeling it will be like a whole new board afterwards. Keep it up Thermaltake!!!
  3. Hey everyone!! I purchased one of these just a few months ago, and just want to start off with, Its totally worth buying. I have enjoyed every last bit of this keyboard, however with recent software updates "TT ESPORTS POSEIDON Z RGB – SOFTWARE V1.311" I am unable to set my own custom layers now. When i went to upload the ones i had saved, it only just freezes the software up. Every once in awhile my right side of the keyboard will flash when in the WAVE mode. So as of now, i can only do solid colors. I cant even select the "Default" Profile for the rainbow effect. Is anyone else having this same issue? Oh and, heres a nice image of they keyboard "before the update". As well as a screenshot of my software issue.
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