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  1. ####. I just came back here and read two winners, RVFER and CyberDustin777's comments, without noticing my nickname mentioned, and almost for sure believed that I was out. But as I calmed down and checked the winner list again, I was hugely pleased. It was the Prize 2, a lovely mouse, that would come to my place. Don't be afraid. I have no cats around me. Many thanks to Thermaltake Community, Tt Andy and all the other participants! Warmest congratulations to RVFER and CyberDustin777! Good luck to all who are playing or will start playing week 3's game!
  2. Appreciate the change very much. Here's one of my end results. But the game itself is fun.
  3. Are there bugs with round2? Every time I got a new score, I'm asked to enter my user name. Should I enter? I've entered 3 times before I was aware of your notice.
  4. No problem. I always check to make sure no unfixed little parts there.
  5. Often suck up dust on gpu fans, cpu fans and motherboard with a small handy vacuum cleaner. may need an air blower. Only do such things when exchanging the gpu or cpu.
  6. and sounds very beautifully quiet.
  7. two AIO water cooling and one Air cooling for CPUs. Air cooling for GPUs.
  8. where have all the friends gone?
  9. The answer is 2. I like the dvision very much and am considering what to confgure.
  10. Tt-Van thank you very much. Count me in please.
  11. I like blue. I'm now in a little blue. LED keyboard will help me save power. But your picture says "Valid for residents within North America only. Contest begins August 18, 2014 and Ends September 1, 2014...."
  12. Thank you for an easy question again. The answer is that DPS stands for Digitally-controlled Power Supply.
  13. 285mm is the length of the lagrest graphics card's i can install on the Core V1 if i get one. more exactly, VGA length limitations are: 255 mm (Inner Chassis) 285 mm (Outer Chassis)
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