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    hotcoolman reacted to Tt Andy in 2020 RAM MOD Invitational Season 1 Starting Today!!   
    The 2020 Thermaltake RAM MOD Invitational Season 1 is starting today!
    Event Rules 2020 Thermaltake RAM MOD Invitational Season 1’s focus will be on creating the most exciting and most unique design on our TOUGHRAM memory modules.Participating modders are given a specific time frame to modify the heatsinks, without changing the overall appearance and layout of the RAM itself. Contestants must only use TOUGHRAM with no other PC components, contestants cannot add the ram to a motherboard or a PC build. Modders may create a stand for the modules but the overall modules must be the main focus of the overall design. Modders will need to update their build logs throughout the event and at least once a week on Tt Community forums.
    Before the deadline, modders will need to hand in at least 10 photos, along with a final video.   Judges Final voting starts on December 25th, the total votes and score will be accumulated from 4 categories. Thermaltake Judge 15% Meaning that everyone from Thermaltake HQ excluding the event planning team, will be given one vote for their favorite build. Thermaltake CEO 25% Thermaltake CEO Kenny Lin will be scoring the modders according to his personal preference and his judging system, total score will be 10% given by him. Tt Community Members 30% At Thermaltake we value our customers, so this time we have decided to hold a community voting event allowing the fans to have a say in who wins! Professional Modders 30% We will be choosing a few professional and renowned modders to help judge the outcome of this event.   Winner The 2020 Thermaltake RAM MOD Invitational Season 1’s modders will have the chance to win a total cash prize of $5,000 USD for achieving first, second, and third.

    Over the Corse of 1 month, 8 modders from 8 regions will be battling it out with our TOUGHRAM.
    We will be marking them on the points to the right! Originality
    We will mark on originality of the modified RAM modules, i.e. design theme, color or any innovative designs whist keeping the original form of the TOUGHRAM heatsink.
    Design Concept
    Points will be given to the contestants who have the best design concept which does not look completely different to the original heatsinks. Logos or movie/gaming themes are acceptable.
    Final Photos
    Visual effect is another point to be graded on. The final photos should be clear and the community should be able to see straight away that these are modified ram modules, photo editing and after effects are acceptable. (Renders are not acceptable)
    Video Quality
    Video Quality and video content will be marked too. The video should have a theme and should easily understood to the person watching it. The way its presented will be marked.
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    hotcoolman reacted to Designs By IFR in [Australia] Corey Gregory   
    Here is my submission! Really wanted to call it RGB Chunder from Down Under but without knowing everyones humor we called it RGB Wonder From Down Under!
    Hope you all enjoy!
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    hotcoolman reacted to Juggapat in [Thailand] Juggapat Thonglue   
    [Video!!] Cyborg Helmet - JMDF - 2019 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 2
    Thank again for all the sponsers
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    hotcoolman reacted to MODS BY BENQ in [USA] Ben Quintanilla   
    Well everyone here's my submission for this amazing contest!! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. Cheers!  


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    hotcoolman reacted to Timpelay in [Sweden] Tim Malmborg   
    Okey game on! I need to cut 400 pieces of pipe hehe..

    I may be mad, but this will look epic when finished!

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    hotcoolman reacted to SUNNY SUN in [China] Sunny Sun   
    We now edit the sample modle by using CAD. The P5 GT will be lied down and put on the center. And we will dig holes on feet to fit the weight shift when the hardware equipped.
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    hotcoolman reacted to Y.G Casemod in [Italy] Yuri Gabrielli   
    Well guys today the competition officially starts.
    Here is the render of the Project "Stealth" Advanced Attack Drone.
    The idea born from my passion for aeronautical static modeling that I have since childhood.
    Combining the shape of the original Core P5 V2 with the ideas I had in my mind came out this futuristic attack drone armed to the teeth.
    In rendering there are not all the details (which are many) and that we will discover together as we go along with the progression of the works.
    Very particular this time it will be the painting that involves the use of the airbrush in a heavy manner with painting techniques for modeling as the weathering.
    Waiting for the remaining sponsor packs here are the photos.
    Worklogs will be published simultaneously on:
    Stay tuned.

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    hotcoolman got a reaction from Mathias in Pre Event Predictions   
    [France] Moulard Mathias 
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    hotcoolman reacted to Reapervon in [Japan] Von Carlo Rasonble   
    Panel line

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    hotcoolman got a reaction from Reapervon in [Japan] Von Carlo Rasonble   
    Feel precision and elegance.
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    hotcoolman reacted to Alan-Lee in [Germany] Ali Abbas   
    Hi guys. here is a little update again.
    i am using sawed in half ans sanded lemello wedges to make some of the armor scales.
    when set in scene, sanded off and with the paintjob they will look great later. they will still have some studs and other elements too of course

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    hotcoolman reacted to Alan-Lee in [Germany] Ali Abbas   
    and here are the rest of the progressional pics of today.
    i made the base and a led holding turret upon which the main piller stands.
    i also started the armor plates with the spartacus armor snakes, the main snake form is done, must be formed to be more detailed of course.
    more to come
    here you can see the cobras then the main frame sof them i made, of course adapted to the bottom corners of the glass windows


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    hotcoolman reacted to Magic Zhu in [China] Magic Zhu   
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    hotcoolman got a reaction from Reapervon in VOTE NOW! - Voting Closed   
    [Japan] Von Carlo Rasonabe. He made a complete machine that can move and fight, not just a part like an engine that cannot move, cannot fight.
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    hotcoolman reacted to Magic Zhu in [China] Magic Zhu   
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    hotcoolman got a reaction from VCAUTOFIX in VOTE NOW! - Voting Closed   
    [Japan] Von Carlo Rasonabe. He made a complete machine that can move and fight, not just a part like an engine that cannot move, cannot fight.
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    hotcoolman got a reaction from Indylaser in [Thailand] Chaipoj Khaowasut   
    What's the horsepower of your awesome rig?
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    hotcoolman got a reaction from Reapervon in [Japan] Von Carlo Rasonabe   
    What's your target to attack with your powerful weapon?
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    hotcoolman reacted to Boxeroverlord in [Russia] Kozlov Konstantin   
    In General the procedure was completed successfully, under the hood was dry, the pasta which falls off in pieces, now the CPU is planted on the "GM" actually a few photos.

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    hotcoolman got a reaction from UnHoLy--AcE in Voting Event (January 20th ~ February 3rd 2017)   
    My vote for [China] Yu Han. Like his mod's scale, completion, quality, work effort and creativity.
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    hotcoolman reacted to Stefan Ulrich in [Germany] Stefan Ulrich   
    Now its time for the first bunch of the final pictures.

    But first of all I want to thank all the sponsors, that make such awesome events happen.
    Huge thanks to Thermaltake for having me participate in this contest.

    In addition to the pictures, I will also make a short making of video and show all the functions on
    the mod.

    So here we go with the pictures.

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    hotcoolman reacted to Yu Han in [China] Yu Han   
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    hotcoolman reacted to Yu Han in [China] Yu Han   
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    hotcoolman reacted to Yu Han in [China] Yu Han   
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    hotcoolman reacted to Yu Han in [China] Yu Han   
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