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Everything posted by dO_ob

  1. I have my sub on the floor, currently using my car sub-woofer a Cadence 12 inch connected through a clarion 1000w amp that things a beast but drowns out mids and highs
  2. spdif, usb, hdmi are all interfaces for digital audio So yes it'll play. You'll need to set the output device on VLC to use the Bahamut (ensure you have the relevant codec) may i suggest MPC its a lot better than VLC but it will take a while to set up because you need to install your own codecs, but you'll be thankful as its so much more maintainable.
  3. Good temps for folding! is that on air or water?
  4. Looks like a nice AMD system! cant wait to see some pics
  5. Lovely headset!! awesome features too!!
  6. Nice review ! i actually prefer the black grill compared to the gold
  7. Whats a good way to clean your keyboard? there is so much dust between the key caps. Any tips?
  8. dO_ob

    Core X Series

    I really like how huge it is, so much expansion!
  9. 3dmark is 50% off on steam!! time to bench our rigs!! http://store.steampowered.com/app/223850/
  10. dO_ob

    Core V21

    That makes sense to have a optical drive accessory but i think CD's might become extinct soon XD i cant remember the last time i have needed a optical drive
  11. Actually, the only store built PC i would buy is the Origin one though i hear its quite expensive
  12. Have you tried to contact customer service? i think the website link is this http://my.thermaltake.com/index.aspx
  13. I do love the Strom Scout 2 adv's appearance apart from the internal chassis being quite old and only 7 expansion slots, and if you are going to put a radiator in it you can only choose 120mm which is quite a shame, i would suggest the Core V51 or Core V41 its packed with so much radiator mounting variations and you can take all the drive bays out which will help with dual + card setups
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