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  1. On 11/5/2017 at 11:46 AM, jdgremsjr said:

    having the same issue do I really need to buy another keyboard to just get into the UEFI screen?



    I was using an old motherboard (LGA 775). when I changed to a new one (Socket 1150), it worked fine. It probably does not support older MBs.

  2. I won mine from a contest months back. There have been 3 things I noticed in my sample.
    1. Sticky shift key. It has been like this out of the box.

    2. Mine for some reason does now work during POST to access the BIOS. however other keyboards work just fine.
    3. I got the combo. The mouse stopped changing colors when in Windows. However during boot up you can see it cycling. No key combinations would let me change it back to before.

  3. It takes a long time... and I still know I am greatly lacking! lol you did much better than most "noobs"! The clipping was good, and the placement of the logos was great (making them look like stone). Don't down yourself :) - I was simply saying that I had seen that viking guy before :)

    Ha! Youtube became my friend. I wanted to try making one which only had original content but only had 2 days before the contest ended. So that is the end product. Thanks tho.


    And I cant draw even if my life depended on it! LoL

  4. lol talk about getting in at the last second! lol :) - have I seen that image somewhere? looks familiar...


    EDIT: Yeah. saw it on a wallpaper site.. viking, forge, something ;)


    good luck all! I dont have enough fingers and toes to cross! lol

    Yes. I'm a super duper newbie in wallpaper making. That is the best effort I could muster. I took 1 image and tried making a wallpaper around it. Must be nice to have the skill necessary to do this, right?


    Good luck everyone!

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