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    DanielPUNK reacted to M-Tech in [CLOSED] VOTE   
    Vote for Suchao Prowphong Thailand
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    DanielPUNK reacted in [Closed] [WEEK 2] Tt eSPORTS THERON PLUS+ Weekly Giveaway 5/15 (Fri) ~ 5/21 (Thurs)   
    Let's Proceed to our WEEK 2 of our THERON PLUS+ WEEKLY GIVEAWAY!


    To those who did not win for the 1st Week! 


    Do Not Give Up! You still have the chance!


    For those winners from WEEK 1, thanks for joining and we'll contact you for the shipping information!




    So what are you waiting for?


    Register yourself on our Tt eSPORTS PLUS Community & Data Management Platform!






    We'll pick 4 lucky ones RANDOMLY!


    MAKE SURE YOU REGISTERED our Tt eSPORTS PLUS Community & Data Management Platform!





    Here's the EXAMPLE for the comment, and "TtJOSH" is my username for Tt eSPORTS PLUS Community & Data Management Platform!:



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    DanielPUNK reacted to bannanass49 in Tt eSPORTS SHOCK mic won't work   
    help i have bought a TT eSports shock gaming headset and the mic (the sound works fine) won't work I have put the jack in the back and front of my computer and it won't work what is wrong with it and can I fix it myself.
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    DanielPUNK reacted to Tt Andy in [CLOSED] VOTE   
    This year we ran our first Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational.
    We invited 7 modders from 7 countries to showcase their skills in a casemod Invitational battle!!
    So far the builds have all come out awesome and the modders are at the completion stages of the build, the time has come when we pick a winner for this years contest!
    Help us crown this year’s CaseMOD Invitational's winner to be in a chance to win awesome prizes from: 

    To enter the competition is simple. All you have to do is vote for your favorite mod by selecting your winner and you will be in the draw to WIN!
    Reminder: You must be a member to vote on the poll seen at the top of this page, head over to the link below if you are having problems voting
    Week 1 Prizes

    Week 2 Prizes

    For the modders build logs please refer to the links below
    (AU) Stuart Tonks              http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_au.html 
    (UK) Richi Bowzer              http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_uk.html 
    (FR) Mathieu Delsuc          http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_fr.html 
    (US)Nick Blackwell             http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_us.html 
    (DE)Andy Weber                http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_de.html 
    (JP) Fabio Moma                http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_jp.html 
    (TH) Suchao Prowphong    http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com/ModderProfile_th.html
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    DanielPUNK reacted to Strafed in TT Store   
    Might be posting in the wrong place, but... I tried to buy a fan bracket from the Thermaltake store website, but for some reason they chose to leave off the District of Columbia from the "State/Province" listing in all of the address sections... billing, shipping etc. I had to double and triple check to make sure I was seeing the list correctly. Anyway, so the store obviously doesn't recognize my zip code. Can this be fixed in the near future?
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    DanielPUNK reacted to Dirty South PC Mods in Quakcon2015 Modders-Inc Core X1 Staff vs Staff Mod Off Entry   
    Hey hey guys Nick here from Dirty South PC Mods and Modders-Inc. Back to bring you another awesome mod.
    This time it is based off of the Doom or Quake video game series I'm not sure witch at this point. 
    Brought to you by the good folks at Thermaltake
    And by the awesome crew at Modders-Inc

    The following are the rules of the competition that I must adhere to. 
    1) We each start of the with the same case, the Thermaltake X1
    2) Each person can only spend $250 USD to create the actual case mod. Taxes are not included in the total for the $250 USD
    3) A theme was picked to help keep us on the same playing field. You can pick from either the DOOM universe or the Quake universe or both
    4) Our completion time is from right now to July first. (This could get pushed back one week, please shoot for this  date)
    5) All work on the mod must be done by the modder
    6) If you need to have something created that you cannot make yourself from what you have on hand (Graphics, 3D printing, media blasting, cutting metal and etc) you MUST deduct this from the $250. NO FRIEND OR BARTERING pricing is allowed. We want to represent  the actual cost of creating the mods.
    7) You can use what you have on hand but you need to deduct CURRENT value from the $250. (Just because you have $1000 worth of something lying around doesn't mean you can use it for free)
    8) Hardware (motherboard, CPU, Coolers and WC, RAM, ROM Drives, graphic cards, storage media) is optional. BUT if you have to "mod" the hardware the cost MUST be deducted from the $250.
    9) Tools bought to create the mod are NOT counted against the $250 USD.
    10) You MUST do a work log in the Modders-Inc forums for it to be in the contest. It can be either images or videos.
    11) The case must be on display at QuakeCon 2015 to be part of the contest.
    First up lets take a look at the Thermaltake Core X1 ITX case that I will be using as the platform for the build.






















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    DanielPUNK reacted to Chiobe in Core X9 spare parts   
    Where can I get spare parts for Core X9, in Norway / International shipping?
    I'm looking for more brakets and a vented side panel.
    I'm all for modding, but making a vindow into vents is hard, not to mention to find the right equipmet to make new brakkets.
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    DanielPUNK reacted to Silent0ption in Will "Thermaltake Max 5G Active Cooling Hard Drive Enclosure" support my 4tb HDD?q   
    I'm trying to decide on an enclosure or docking station for my new 4tb WD RED HDD but am not sure if the "Thermaltake Max 5G Active Cooling HDD enclosure" will support it. Even though it says on the Amazon description that it only supports up to 3tb, this review in the link below says that "unofficially" this device will support a 4tb drive. (http://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R1V2MXP5Q5HFXV/ref=cm_cr_pr_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B004G8QETI) So I just wanted to check in here to see if any of you folk have any insight for me...
    Also if I decide to go the Docking Station route, any good recommendations for a good quality built HDD protector case?
    The ones I've come across have many complaints about flimsy covers breaking off.
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    DanielPUNK reacted to Gilgul in Overseer case spares required   
    HI All
    I have a Thermaltake Overseer Full ATX Case which i have managed to break the small flap that covers the hotswap connections on the top (see Pic attached)
    I am wondering if anyone knows of anywhere i can purchase or get a  replacement as the dust at the moment gets inside easily and it also spoils the look of the case.
    Hope someone can help

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    DanielPUNK reacted to Tt Andy in [Thailand] Suchao Prowphong   
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    DanielPUNK reacted to monty in Toughpower DPS 850W Monitor Software Never Loads (TPG-0850D)   
    Everytime the PC is restarted - I get this when i access the DPS Power monitoring software.
    When the PC IS Booted, I can unplug the USB that goes into the PSU, and then when i plug it back in, the DPS Software runs fine.
    I cannot work out why by default the software wont open. Must be a USB Setting or.. ?
    I notice a lot of others have this issue but it has never been officially addressed.
    Please tell me how to fix this
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    DanielPUNK reacted to Dabeavis in The Anime/Manga Thread   
    This is just a thread for discussing any anime we are interested in, have watched, want to watch, or whatever else applies.
    I am easily a fan of classic anime including Kinnikuman, Fist of the North Star, Lupin the Third, Space Adventure Cobra, Ashita no Joe, Otokojuku, and Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 among others. I'm mainly inclined to classic franchises because I tend to feel MOST anime nowadays is too reliant on or deliberate with their use of fanservice and overly annoying characters compared to back then, thus I tend to avoid most modern animes but direct iterations/spinoffs of an older series (ex. Golgo 13 and JoJo's) or ones consisting primarily of adults (ex. Black Lagoon).

    This is an image I once made by tracing over existing images of characters and putting them in one massive group pic, all of these except for Mazinger (waiting for better subs to be available online) I have watched at least one full episode of. Unfortunately I lost most of the individual images of each character so I can't really expand the roster without doing it all over again (It's not too difficult aside from Kenshiro and Gundam). I did do one recently of Moguro Fukuzou from Laughing Salesman (Which is my current avatar) but I'm not sure If I'll bother re-making the rest.
    From left to right...Kitaro (GeGeGe no Kitaro), Ryotsu Kankichi (Kochikame), Mazinger Z, Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star), Lupin III, Astro Boy/Atom, Cobra (Space Adventure Cobra), RX-78 Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam), Kinnikuman, Cutey Honey, Seiya (Saint Seiya / Knights of the Zodiac).
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    DanielPUNK reacted in Tt eSPORTS Sponsorships & Partnerships   
    Want to find a Sponsor for your e-SPORTS team?
    Looking for the co-brand or e-SPORTS gaming gear partner for your company or event?
    Contact us, Tt eSPORTS is not just a name, welcome to tell us about your ideas on partners or sponsorships If you:

    ‧ Have placed in top 3 positions in at least 3 live events over the past year
    ‧ Strongly believe that you have the drive and dedication to ascend the heights of professional eSports success
    ‧ Are already using Tt eSPORTS professional gaming peripherals competitively 

    We do like to hear from you. Contact us right now! Join Tt eSPORTS team today.
    Click HERE to submit your sponsorship & partnership request!
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    DanielPUNK reacted in [Closed] Tt eSPORTS AERODYNAMIC Slogan Writing Giveaway   
    Tt eSPORTS’ AERODYNAMIC Slogan Writing Giveaway!
    All you have to do is just to create a SLOGAN with the word “AERODYNAMIC†and the 6 participants with the most creative slogans will be awarded with awesome prizes!
    How to Join:
    1) Register to our Tt Community Forum (Kindly inform us if your newly registered account is not being approved)
    2) Post your SLOGAN under this topic!
    - ONE Slogan per user
    - Only SLOGANS that posted on Tt Community Forum counts
    - SLOGANS will be judged on creativity
    - Maximum 10 words per slogan
    Contest Period: 2015/4/20 (Monday) – 2015/05/03 (Sunday) PDT   Submission Period: Anytime within 2015/4/20 (Monday) – 2015/05/03 (Sunday)    Contest Ends: 2015/05/03 (Sunday) , 23:59PM (PDT)   6 WINNERS Announcement: 2015/05/05 (Tuesday)  • Tt Community Forum • Facebook Official Page  
    [bEST SLOGAN] 1 x (Tt eSPORTS VENTUS X Gaming Mouse + Thermaltake Riing 14 LED Radiator Fan)
    [2nd - 6th Place] 5 x (Tt eSPORTS VENTUS X Gaming Mouse + Thermaltake LUNA 12 LED Fan)
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    DanielPUNK reacted to djehankidd in hose leak on thermaltake level 10 gt lcs   
    Hello everyone,
    I have a leak on the return hose, as shown on the picture. You can feel the small hole on the hose with the finger too..I think this was caused by more vibrations on the LCS since I've lost the rear fan.
    Anyone had this problem happening? Any advice for a solution or a proceedure would be greatly appreciated thank you!
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    DanielPUNK reacted to Tt Vincent in Toughpower DPS G Owners Club   
    Toughpower DPS 850W
    The combination of Toughpower DPS power supply and DPSapp software creates
    an intelligent platform that allows you to monitor the electricity cost of your PC,
    record the status of your PC, share data in the cloud.

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    DanielPUNK reacted to VasiaPupkin in Program doesn't launch now   
    I had to reinstall Windows before. Then I installed Tt eSPORTS BLACK Element series_AP V1.0.0.2. It worked fine. Then I installed all the drivers for my ASrock H61M-VG3 motherboard. And now I cant launch TT software to customize my mouse settings.

    Before changing Windows everything worked fine with the same drivers.
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    DanielPUNK reacted to ilovepie95 in Thermaltake Cronos mic not workin   
    As referred to above, i have a Thermaltake cronos. Unfortunately i cant seem to get the mic working. My laptop only has a jack, so i got a headset adapter for it. I've plugged it in but it doesnt work. Below are the screenshots from device manager etc etc. It would be of great help if i can get the mic working. The headset is working fine. Thanks again =)

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    DanielPUNK reacted to ShadoWx3Sandy in Project Kallax Casemod   
    Hello everybody,
    my name is Fabian Schweiger, I'm 24years old and I'm living in Germany.
    this project will be my first big project. I'm atm in the planning phase. but i have made 4 Sketches from my idea of what i wanna do.
    i wil update this thread as soon as possible after made some new progress in that Casemod.
    but i can you tell exactly witch Hardware it will get.
    Case: IKEA Kallax 4cage modded
    MoBo: Asus Z97 Sabertooth Mark1 or Z87 Sabertooth
    CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K or Intel Core i7-4790K
    GPU: Asus StriX GTX970
    RAM: 16GB Avexir Raiden Series DDR3-2133
    PSU: modded Tt Grand Platinum 850W
    FANs: Tt Riingfans 120mm white led
    Watercooling: sponsored by Thermaltake Dual Loop System with 2 560mm Radiators
    I'm really excited to show you everyone, what i have planned and how it's going it's way from the start to the End.
    Also here are my First Sketches where you can see what i've planned to do and also you can see the Case, the Picture is from Google. but i have it already here.

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    DanielPUNK reacted to J. Scott Elblein in Identify this noise?   
    Bought this PSU new almost 4 years ago from NewEgg (has a 5 Year Warranty) and it's been a solid PSU up until yesterday, when I woke up to what sounded like Antman using a mini jackhammer, coming from my computer.
    Is this the result of bearings going bad? Or?
    Video of the noise: http://youtu.be/u2WqOIezVI8
    I'd like to RMU it, but I read a couple horror stories about Thermaltake exchanging it for a lower quality, refurbished PSU?
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    DanielPUNK reacted to DarthBeavis in DarthBeavis Project: The Man With the Titanium Gun   
    The theme of this project evolved and took on a life of it's own when I first posted the announcement on Facebook. My initial plan was to do some cool water-cooling showcased by adding windows to the Thermaltake Level 10 Titanium case. I did not want to modify the color of the case as the Titanium finish is the calling card of the case to set it apart from the other family members in the Level 10 group. My plan was (and is) to use projection mapping to modify the external appearance of the chassis in a dynamic manner. Facebook users noticed my case is numbered 007 - so they immediately demanded I theme the project based on James Bond. This lit my imagination on fire. Thus far I am planning on playing a medley of the credit introductions from the James Bond films on different facades of the case. I also plan to add some cool animationic features such as opening doors and panels powered by servos.    One neat feature I also am planning is to mount the single NVIDIA 980s via a PCI-E ribbon so I will be visible in a window I am adding to the lower main compartment of the case. One user already did something similar - however I plan to have the window actually be the top of the GPU block.   

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    DanielPUNK reacted to Tt Andy in [Germany] Andy Weber (Bundymania)   
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    DanielPUNK reacted to Tt-Van in Welcome new members!   
    Welcome to all new members, please tell us about yourself.  My name is Van and I am the Community Manager for Thermaltake USA.  Everyone here is very helpful so don’t be shy and I can’t wait to get to talk to you all. 
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    DanielPUNK reacted to oceanman22 in Sleep and Wake capability   
    Does the Thermaltake hard drive docks for 3.5" drives power off and on/or down when the computer goes into sleep mode. Since I use the dock only occasionally I don't want the drives spinning all the time when I am not using the computer. Manually activating the dock with it's power switch is a pain when you have scheduled backups during the night or early morning. I am using windows 7 64 bit on an HP envy 215XT with I7.  
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    DanielPUNK reacted to ThaGeNeCySt in Question about Urban S71   
    Hello, I feel like an idiot asking this but how do I connect the fans to my motherboard and keep fan control?
    Currently, I see Fans A1, A2, A3... all male... but I have no idea how to connect to motherboard (since all fan ports on motherboard are also male).  Am I supposed to purchase another fan cable (male to female perhaps?) to connect A3 to mother board if A1 and A2 are occupied by the fans that came with the case?
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