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    OregonSlacker got a reaction from Erik Bmods in [Canada] Erik Bergwest   
    Great looking build so far, Good work and dedication, can't wait to see the finished product!
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    OregonSlacker reacted to Erik Bmods in [Canada] Erik Bergwest   
    Update Time!!! Building of the bottom part of the outer body has started. This part went much smoother as I learned much from building the top portion of the body. Hope to have the actuators hooked up so all the moving parts of the mod will be finished and I can start focusing on details and cosmetics.
    I also managed to finish up sanding and filling the top part of the body. I mounted the 3, 120mm TT Riing trio fans with a rad mount from an old TT x71 case I had worked great. now to design a facade to cover the cables and rad mount.

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    OregonSlacker reacted to Erik Bmods in [Canada] Erik Bergwest   
    What is going on guys! Erik Bmods here, super hyped to be representing Canada in this amazing contest Thermaltake has put on. 
    A lil info on my modding background. I started out building cuustom watercooled PC's in 2015 and slowly started doing more and more case modding. I have been fortunate enough to build some great relationships with many of the well known brands, which I have done mods with at such events such as CES and Computex. 
    I want to wish the rest of the modders Thermaltake has invited the best of luck and I'm super honored to be competing against such a talented group.
    More info on my project to come, till then here are a couple pics of previous mods I have built with Thermaltake.
    Finally I want to thank all the sponsors, Thermaltake, AMD, ZOTAC, Plextor and Asrock.

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    OregonSlacker got a reaction from babita in Toughpower Owners Club   
    I'd like to see some sort of an in between The original Toughpower and the new Digital ones, nothing fancy with the cloud and being software controlled, but basically a just a small led readout showing current power consumption.
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    OregonSlacker reacted to ace in Toughpower Owners Club   
    will they be able to be bought separate for pre-existing PSU's? i have a 1475 watt XT GOLD, 1200 watt Tough power, and a few 850 watt guys that i would buy them for.
    a line of fully modular PSU's would be nice too 
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