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    Sanjaya got a reaction from mainframe in Voting Event (February 18 ~ March 3)   
    Some awesome videos guys! Good job and it was fun to compete with you all
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    Sanjaya got a reaction from mainframe in [Sri lanka] Sanjaya Bhanu   
    Hi guys, So I was thingking about some retro stuff and ended up with this, what do yout think?
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    Sanjaya got a reaction from mainframe in [Sri lanka] Sanjaya Bhanu   
    Hi Guys, So here is what I made for my final video. I wanted to show the basic features and the final light effect I made. 
    Let me know what you guys think
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    Sanjaya got a reaction from Erik Bmods in [Canada] Erik Bergwest   
    Looking sexy as always! Love the whole thing transforming ❤️
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    Sanjaya got a reaction from ramdom in [Philippines] Jesse Tiongson   
    Nice work bro it looks great!
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    Sanjaya got a reaction from Juggapat in [Thailand] Juggapat Thonglue   
    This thing is wicked sick!!! #### i wanna see it in real life good job bro
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    Sanjaya got a reaction from ZenModz in [Australia] Ken Byrnes   
    Looks great bro the attention to detail is super good!
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    Sanjaya got a reaction from Erik Bmods in [Sri Lanka] Sanjaya Bhanu   
    Thanks bro
    Finally after the business trip all over Europe, i had some time to finish off the Mod and take some Photos. I will shoot a video tomorrow and share with you guys as well. 
    I had to do some fine tuning and modify the distro to correct the water flow and reduce air bubbles going into the pump, So here we go with the final images. 


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    Sanjaya got a reaction from ZenModz in [Australia] Ken Byrnes   
    OhMG Ken, Loving the details ♥️
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    Sanjaya got a reaction from Erik Bmods in [Sri Lanka] Sanjaya Bhanu   
    Hi Guys, 
    Took some sweet shots of the new TT DP100-D5 Distro.

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    Sanjaya got a reaction from Erik Bmods in [Sri Lanka] Sanjaya Bhanu   
    Hi All, 
    With another weekly update here. I am quite behind schedule so I will speed up my work in the coming too weeks. Expect lot more photos and progress within the month of November. 
    So once the 3D prints for the two radiator fan grills  for  two 480mm radiators were finished, I glued the pieces together and brushed on some filler. 
    Tried our sanding the parts down but it seems I need to do a patch up job for some parts.
    For printing these parts i tried octoprint with raspberry pi (old model) I think because of the slow CPU, some parts came out very rough and unfinished. so that means more sanding for me 😢 
    I cut the top mounting piece of the fan to check whether I can further integrate the grill closer to the fans and as one piece. I will make the decision on whether to do this or not as we proceed. What do you guys think?
    Attached are the picture of this week  
    peace V

  12. Haha
    Sanjaya got a reaction from Erik Bmods in [Sri Lanka] Sanjaya Bhanu   
    Thanks BMods  you have upped your photo game better than me  
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    Sanjaya got a reaction from Erik Bmods in [Sri Lanka] Sanjaya Bhanu   
    Hi Everyone,
    Just received some sweet sweet LCS fittings from TT. So I decided to put em on the photo table. 
    Hopefully i get the other parts soon as well and then we will be off to build. I am currently ordering some of the stuff I need from online shops, so those should be here in time as well. 


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    Sanjaya got a reaction from Erik Bmods in [Sri Lanka] Sanjaya Bhanu   
    Hi Everyone, 
    Probably you read about my Bio in the introduction section. So I will keep this short. 
    First of all thank you all for checking out my worklog and thank you Thermaltake Technology for organizing this competition and giving me the opportunity to take part in it. 
    Also a big thanks goes out to the sponsors,Thermaltake, AMD, Zotac, ASRock & Plextor for sponsoring us with all the components for the project.
    Thank you @Tt Andy  and everyone at TT for all the support throughout all my mods and coordinating everything for the event. 

    For this project my plan is to do a very organic design with some inspiration from Atomic Heart for the theme. 
    I want to make the build to look more like an artwork than a PC. Something that you could keep in the living room or maybe at an art exhibition
    In the coming few months we will go through the journey of building this concept art that I have in mind to reality. I don't wanna spoil anything for you so stay tuned for the regular updates and stay updated every step of the way. 
    Social Media
    You can follow me on any or all of the following social media channels for more updates on this project and other projects that I am working on. 
    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/kingsmod/
    Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/kingsmodding/
    Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqXaStanSIk7R1IQEh2Gi6Q
    I recently started my IG and YT channels so still slowly rolling. 
    Couple of days ago I received the main components from the sponsors. Following are what will be used for the build and I will buy few more components to make this a full blown high end system. 

    I will update you guys as soon as I get the other components. Till then, stay cool
  15. Thanks
    Sanjaya reacted to Tt Andy in Round 1 Results [Contestants please read]   
    Hello Everyone, 
    Really happy for the turnout this season, and everyone did an amazing video.
    After a few days of internal voting and discussions we have our top 12 contenders! 
    If you didn't win this time, its not the end. we will be continuously running these type of events so please don't feel you have lost your opportunity! 
    So without further ado below are the winners!

    Round 2 has started today and the top 12 contenders are required to make a video on how their Level 20 GT mod will be like and hand it in before April 26th 2019! 
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    Sanjaya got a reaction from LenochkaMi in Crysis Mod - Urban T81 (Tt Crysis)   
    Hi everyone, 
    If you can remember, my previous mod was based on Assassin's Creed Game. So this time around I thought of going a bit to the future with a mod based on Crysis Game. 
    This will have lot of work to do and will need lot of hours. So I expect this work-log to go on for few months.
    First I must give a huge thanks to Thermaltake for encouraging me to do this mod.
    This build would not become a reality if not for my Sponsors. So a big thank goes out to my sponsors.
    Avexir is supporting this build with Blue Raiden DDR4 Memory sticks

    Gigabyte is supporting this build with a X99 Gaming G1 WIFI Motherboard 

    Nvidia is supporting this build with 2x GTX 980 Graphic Cards

    Thermaltake is supporting this build with all the items listed below. 
    1x   Thermaltake Urban T81
    2x   Thermaltake Pacific PT40-D5 Silent Kit Reservoir/Pump Combo 2x   Thermaltake Pacific RL360 Radiator
    1x   Thermaltake W2 CPU Water Block 2x   Thermaltake V-Tubler PETG Tube 5/8†(16mm) OD 500mm 4 Pack 8x   Thermaltake Riing 12 LED Blue 1x   Toughpower Grand 1200W and dozens of Fittings needed for the loop.     Concept   I will be modifying the Thermaltake Urban T81 from ground up to facilitate a new component layout using materials like Acrylic, Aluminium and Steel. All the side, top and front panels will be made with acrylic sheets to carry the Crysis Game Theme. After assembling the whole case it will be airbrushed to give it the effects that are demonstrated in the pictures. This mod will have a motherboard cover which will be controlled by a Raspberry Pie Micro-Controller using a 7" touch screen. Raspberry Pie will also control fan speeds, LED colors and other actuators for moving parts.
    Main focus point of this mod was the holding facility where Crysis 3 game begins. So the airbrushing will try to demonstrate the looks of a old futuristic building. 
    These are the 3D rendering of the mod. It should resemble these once completed.
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