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  1. Might be worth mentioning that the X9 can fit up to 23 case fans, if you so desire
  2. Hello Rhaani, so if I understood correctly, your problem is that if you press the macro button, no other keys (in this case R for reload) work until you press the macro button again. Have you tried different repeat settings yet?
  3. Hello Meerk, sorry to hear you are having trouble with the mouse. I understand it is frustrating if the mouse freezes, especially if it affects the whole system. Please try the following steps in order to solve the issue: - Connect the mouse directly to a USB port at the motherboard (not to a USB hub) and try different ports - Install the latest firmware: http://ttesports.com/files/Product_download/tt%20esports%20black%20element%20series%20firmware%20update%20tool%20v1.0.0.2.rar - Install the latest software: http://ttesports.com/files/Product_download/tt%20esports%20black%20element%20series_ap%20v1.0.0.2.rar If these two steps don't help, it sounds more like a hardware issue and I advise you to return the mouse to your vendor or start an RMA process directly through our support page: http://my.thermaltake.com/index.aspx One more question: You said it stopped freezing for almost two days after you took out the battery. Which battery do you mean? The Black Element is a cable mouse and does not have a battery.
  4. I don't understand portuguese but the pictures really speak for themselves... Great job, can't wait for the finished build!
  5. Glad you figured it out yourself and sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. This is a display error. If you downloaded and installed the correct file, your software is up to date.
  7. For technical reasons, it is not possible to tie a launcher + a certain command to a button with the Volos software. I'm thinking of a workaround and *maybe* it is possible to write the launch command into a .bat file and execute that through the Volos software but my knowledge about that is insufficient. What should be possible, however, is start the launcher with the click of a button as the launcher is most certainly an .exe file.
  8. Sounds like the cable might be defective or has a loose contact. Please get in touch with our technical support to request a new cable. When you do, make sure to state the colour of the headsets and which cable you need exactly.
  9. The firmware was updated to v. 1.5 a few months ago and so was the driver software in September to address the issues. These two updates seem to have fixed the problems of the people seeking help in this forum and through our other support channels. Volos firmware 1.5: http://www.ttesports.com/files/Product_download/volos%20firmware%20update%20v1.5.rar Volos AP 2.0: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qvtb7v7cfdp8zdq/Tt%20eSPORTS%20VOLOS%20AP%20V2.0.zip?dl=0
  10. I think I saw you last weekend at the Insomnia Gaming Festival when you were overlooking that overclocked Core V1 system ... ? I'm pretty sure there are some photos of that too: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mpuk/sets/72157649438060132/
  11. Remapping keyboard keys on Windows is possible but since the Knucker does not require a software, you will have to use third party programs and we can obviously not take any responsibility if anything goes wrong. You could look into SharpKeys, Keymapper or Autohotkey (all at your own risk) before you go and get another keyboard.
  12. Got a 144Mhz screen so I don't bother with overclocking ;D
  13. The standard Core V1 panels have no mounting points for case fans. You'd have to cut the holes yourself and lose the warranty. The 200mm front fan (or LCS) and one or two 80mm rear fans should keep your system cool enough for most configurations, though.
  14. Best contact the generous giver and ask him where he got it / get the invoice for the exchange.
  15. Hello OHero, we'll get right on this after the weekend when we are back in the office. Sorry to let you wait.
  16. Please close the software and run the crack tool as administrator. Now restart your PC and the software. If the problem persists, please close the software again, try a firmware update (this firmware update is only for the newer "DTA" version, please check the product number at the bottom of the mouse. It should say "MO-BLK002DTA"), restart your PC and the software. Keep us posted if any of the suggested fixes work.
  17. I have linked mine here already: http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/95-tt-esports-mouse-pad-owners-club/?p=251
  18. Hello Lacraia, did you change any settings in the software? If yes, do you remember which ones?
  19. This is the "DT" version. P/N of the "DTA" version is MO-BLK002DTA.
  20. Currently I got two, one is in front of my couch and one is on my desk. I am currently saving up for a projector and screen so I can move the monitor from my couch to my desk as well.
  21. Some Reggae music, e.g. the Easy Star All Stars tribute albums (Dub Side of the Moon, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Dub Band, Thrillah!) or Clear Conscience. Helps me relax and take things easy.
  22. I have sent you the details in a private message.
  23. Hello Froztigamerz, the Ventus mouse has not yet been released in France, stay tuned!
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