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  1. And German Support will write a new Firmware? Well, i dont have my Saphira anymore but problems with the malfunction speed are also present in the Azurues(i still have one) which malfunctions at ~2.5m/s, while nearly everything else with A3080 achieves well over 3m/s. The problem is that Tt´s entire Lineup atm is a compromise, Azurues/Azurues Mini and Saphira have low malfunction speed, Black V2, Ventus/Ventus X have high Speed related Variance(Acceleration). Please dont see it as any kind of bashing, the shapes you have are really good, but ultimately one thing is wrong everytime.
  2. It was never fixed AFAIK.
  3. Have you already looked under the feet and the sticker?
  4. Any news on that one? If so, was it FW or just problems with specific surfaces, or maybe problems with the LED used?
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