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  1. I fixed it! The firmware was messed up on the keyboard so it wasn't detected on my computer. Switched computers, updated the firmware all the way and used it on my PC.
  2. Hi, I bought a new one recently. Plugged it in, and it was working fine. I then downloaded the software on the website (the most recent one) and it began to update... the firmware was about 14 while it was trying to get to the current version which was... 36 I believe. Anyways, I left my computer for awhile and it may have restarted while I was gone. (My computer does this I don't know why.) I'm running a Windows XP still... and now, when I plug in the keyboard, I get no response. The hardware detects the device as a device that cannot be started (error 10). I don't know what to do, please help. The keyboard is beautiful so I do not want to return it.
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