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  1. Tt Johnny

    Premium X1 RGB keyboard Owner's Club

    Hi Jag, We are developing Android APP at the moment, target to complete by end of April and release. Thanks!
  2. Tt Johnny

    Premium X1 RGB keyboard Owner's Club

    Hi Jag007, Thanks for keep us update about new review! We are doing whatever we can to keep our software getting better! Have you checked that we have some cool Mobile App to play with and built in music mode for lighting effects?
  3. Tt Johnny

    Hello,i have new chelenger keyboard and i cant change colours

    Hi Ikachogvalia, Can you let us know which model of our keyboard that you are asking?
  4. Hi Slinko, This keyboard does not require any driver to use. Every function that you can control on the fly by those hot keys on keyboard itself. Thank you!
  5. Tt Johnny

    KNUCKER Keyboard In BIOS Mode

    Hi dcc, Glad you find a way to fix it, let us know if anything else needs our help!
  6. Tt Johnny

    �KNUCKER】Owner’s Club

    Hi Napalm, Thanks to your comments, you can check our other keyboard which should fit what you needs.
  7. Tt Johnny

    Installation problem

    Hi Segal, Sorry our forum guy left, can you let us know which keyboard that you are asking for help? Thank you!
  8. Tt Johnny

    Poseidon ZX Illuminate (blue) driver issue

    Hi Knighteem, Sorry to hear that, as the Poseidon ZX keyboard do not need to install any driver, it shouldn't be our problem. Wish you can contact HP and find out the solution soon.
  9. Tt Johnny

    I Need Help! Poseidon RBG (MAC)

    Hi Joe Sorry that our software do not support Mac OS at the moment but only for Microsoft Windows 10 / 8 / 7
  10. Tt Johnny

    Premium X1 RGB keyboard Owner's Club

    Hi Jag007, We will try our best to make the software better! Can you show us what is the "start with windows" fucntion option, so I can pass to our software engineer and PM team to add this function. Thank you!
  11. Tt Johnny

    Premium X1 RGB keyboard Owner's Club

    Hi Jag007, Thanks to your comments, we at Thermaltake will keep develop more lighting effects including at our mobile App control, and update our software with multilayer effects so one can make custom lighting profiles. And we will create a community pages that allows users to share custom lighting effects bas our SDK! Again, we will keep to update our software for X1 keyboard, thank you!
  12. Hi Jonny, this keyboard do not needs to use software to control all the function. Please follow our webpage instruction to use those lighting keys and functions keys. http://www.ttesports.com/Keyboard/216/CHALLENGER_Edge/productPage.htm?a=a&g=ftr#.WqNENVRuaUk Thank you!
  13. Tt Johnny

    TT Gaming Station

    Nice build
  14. Tt Johnny

    POSEIDON Z RGB - Cant save Profile / Macro

    Hello, Imy4ng AP means the software, please try the steps and let us know if it works, thank you!