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  1. Really glad you love the keyboard so much! You can always share the photo of the keyboard up here! haha ;)


    hehe i forgot. (excuse me for the little dirt on the space bar)





    hope you can get back to me on the warranty thing.  :)

  2. Hey there Tt dudes! Bought my Poseidon Z just a few weeks back and I'm really enjoying the feel!  :D


    So far, all my keys are doing fine, no repeating or anything, all LEDs are working. It's great that the brightness is adjustable, just wished that it would stay at that level even after turning the computer off.  :unsure:


    The whole thing feels solid, I mean rock solid!  :lol:


    The only thing I'm not particularly happy about is how the whole keyboard feels cramped. I noticed that the keys themselves are a bit smaller that your usual keyboard and the spacing seems tighter, which makes me sometimes touch other keys that I don't intend to touch...  :unsure:  But I guess it'll take some time for me to really adjust to it.  ;)


    It's really cool that Tt have made a 5yr warranty, but does it apply to all countries? Bought mine here in the Philippines and the shop were I got it from only said that it had a 1yr warranty from the distributor.  :blink:

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