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  1. Quick update on Team Explicit for CSGO:

    We have worked hard this leg of telkom digital gaming league and have qualified for promotion to premier division for next year.


    We have also qualified for the do gaming championship which will take place in October and look forward to taking a top spot at this lan event.


    For our recent results click here


    Thanks again for all the awesome gear and support #loveTte

  2. Quick Update on the Explicit CSGO Boys..

    We are approaching this league strong already taking out 5 of the 7 teams we need to play :D makes me really proud of my team :D


    If you are interested in the groups the here is the link :) https://www.digitalgamingleague.co.za/divisions/74


    With one more win we qualify for promotion to premier division which will get us one more step closer to our goal :) 


    We will be attending the do gaming championships this year and look forward to placing quite high among our competition.


    Thanks for all the support #Tte


  3. Hi guys.


    Would like to inform you of the awesome success the csgo team has achieved the last month.


    We competed in our  first LAN tournament as a team against some tough opponents after a few close games we found ourselves in the finals up against a masters team.

    We gave them #### though with 2 close maps but unfortunately we couldn't go one step further. and placed second overall. This was a huge success for us as a relatively new team taking it to one of the top 8 teams in the country and gained alot of experience.


    Last night we competed in the ecl qualifiers against another masters team. Unfortunately one of our core members couldn't make it, but we still gave them a run for their money as the underdogs. It was a close game and gave us some recognition as it  was streamed and casted. If you are curious about the stream here is the link, it is the first game of the stream: https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=O6-SAyiBXSU


    We are starting to do some big things in counter-strike! Will keep you updated on the up coming games.

  4. How zit Guys, the counter strike team 'Explicit' has been hard at work, we have managed to make it into first division for the digital gaming league here in South Africa, we are still going strong and have a goal to make it to the Digital gaming championship LAN tournament this year! :D I will keep you updated on the games we play !




    Game 1 against Bacon Squad :

    Map 1:



    Map 2:





    Game 2 against Pixel massikers:


    Map 1: 




    Map 2:




    Map 3:




    We have won 2 games now :D so we are extremely excited for the rest of the league :D


    We also working on some frag videos to show case the best moments of the games. Thanks Thermal-take for the gear it will keep winning us games :D

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