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  1. Hi Guys We are testing a new comp mode tonight with a mix match of players from our club. The stream is set to go live at 8pm SA time. We are testing the stream live on our website as well so everyone is welcome to come check it out and give some feedback on stream quality etc Remember that this comp mode is in a testing phase so there will be some people with critique around it. http://www.pewgaming.co.za/ Simply scroll down to the stream section. If you cannot manage to make it work on the website you can check it out on YouTube directly Date: 17 Nov 2015 Hope to see you there! *iLLuminus
  2. Hi Guys On behalf of PewPew Gaming we would like to say thank you for this massive opportunity to represent your incredible brand. A special thank you to Tte staff members Johnny and Ben for making this possible! *PewPew iLLuminus
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