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  1. Target: 12h stream with the equipment on! DONE! Streamed total of 13 hours with the equipment on! Was really fun and I didn't even get exhausted (unlike when I tried playing that long with my old headphones). That's awesome! I wonder if there are better headphones around and I really don't think so, I fell in love with the ttesports ones. <3 Also! We're going to play our last tournament on Sunday. Wish us good luck!
  2. azubu.tv/EllanRhineford Playing Hearthstone! Unfortunately I am ill just like Ruda haha (coincidence?) and my throat hurts so bad But hey that doesn't make me stop using the awesome hardware!
  3. Same as Daddy, I have little less time to play as well as I started work. Lucky I work on a computer and they let to bring our own mouse if we didn't like theirs so I can bring the awesome mouse from you guys Sad no other stuff is allowed haha. Anyways when I'll have free time I will practice in League again. Tomorrow probably stream because today I am too tired haha. Greetings and have a nice day ttesports! Love you guys!
  4. Streaming with the new hardware is really fun as other girls say I could stream all day (already did once!) haha. Tomorrow probably first stream for April! Gonna advertise a lot on facebook and others so people can notice this super stuff!
  5. We got 4th place in today's cup, but the games were REALLY REALLY close. Much fun and we learned a lot from them too. Hope next time is going to be much better! But still we did really great job and as I said the games were really really close. I guess we just didn't take a chance!
  6. Warming up before the Sunday's tournament is so good with the hardware! Let's win the tournament girls so we can promote our awesome stuff even better! I really trained a looooot last days so I think we can do this. League of Legends is easy now
  7. We got second place on today's female cup! Yay! Next time plans: first place! Lately I can see we improved a lot and that let us climb over other teams Everything thanks to your awesome stuff, thanks Ttesports! <3
  8. Hello, I hit Diamond 3 like yesterday on my main account in League of Legends, I'm planning to stream some League games in the future as fast as I get new GPU Hope that I'll get it soon so I can show the world the awesome stuff live as well Also... we played a lot of team practice last times and I feel we really grow stronger everyday as we win more and more trainings with better gameplay! Guess now as we are used to the new stuff we improve faster. Thanks again for it Ttesports, we love you guys <3.
  9. http://www.azubu.tv/EllanRhineford Streaming League of Legends right now Playing with the new equipment really gives me a lot of fun as I'm getting slowly used to it! Thanks Ttesports for your support again!
  10. Hello its the jungler from myR Female Poland I hit Diamond 4 recently. I feel I really play better now with the equipment from you guys, very much thanks for your support, we really appreciate that. Btw. adding a screenshot from one of my last games ^.^
  11. I just realised that I can bind my spells and items to the new mouse that I got from you guys. Wow I feel like an slow explorer now. But anyways gonna try this out someday!
  12. Thanks. Playing on smurf account atm, since it's going to be the division reset soon anyways. Getting used to the new stuff. With every game it's easier. Thanks TTesports
  13. Some of my last east games. Got 50 points in diamond 1 already. Happy new year Ttesports! P.S.: Starting another solo queue just now.
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