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  1. Hmm this has been sitting for over a week now with no reply.. does this mean that TT do not actually supply these? Why create a case with these kind of functions and not look ahead at the possibility people will actually use them for this type of setup. You really should have some kind of blanking plate that can be fitted to cover the PSU mount as well as a blank I/O panel. The stacked cases work really well for my build but it looks ugly as sin because of this. ps. Thanks TT community staff for the response... ;-] much appreciated. /sarcasm
  2. Hi, I'm wondering if TT sell some kind of PSU blanking plate as I recently bought a second Core V21 and stacked them together. The problem is that one of the cases now has a great big gaping hole in the back of it where the PSU would normally be and unfortunately this isn't something that's supplied. I have looked around the store, and google, but all I seem to be able to find are PicoPSU converter plates from other companies, or suggestions to use a third-party to create a custom plate for me. Any help would be great.
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