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  1. Soo,, I may just be going a bit mad with the cooling option then from what it sounds like. Though I do want to cool the cpu, gpus, motherboard (i have found an adapter) and memory.. I figured 2 rads would be able to handle all of that.
  2. Hello, I just got my first Core x2 case. I am attempting to setup my WC but I have questions that are not found in the documentation or otherwise. Helpful things I would like to know.. For starters I will be using 260mm rad on top with 180mm base - but i dont know which thickness to use for this rad. I want to make sure I buy the right one. Also the second rad is 360mm on left side with 120 mm based fans and I too need to know what is the best thickness for the rad. If anyone has any helpful info about this.. I would be most grateful. I will be water cooling the CPU, RAM, GPU, and motherboard. Also a side question. What would be the preferred size of the hard tube size, i was thinking 1/2 in diameter. Also what pump and how many reservoirs would work best as I do want to disperse the cooling among both rads/ I guess to better consolidate my questions. What is the maximum thickness of all the rad layouts for the core x2. This is not listed any where that I can tell.
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