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  1. Will there be any AMD AM4 adapters available for this cooler?
  2. Thanks for looking into this for me. I found this post earlier and ordered the M3 screws based on this thread...not your fault, I should have waited til I got the unit then match the threads at the hardware store and order after I was sure. I just wanted the screws faster so I could make the build when I got the radiator. I went on a hunch after seeing the screws that come packed with the unit and ordered some #6-32 x 2-3/8" screws from Amazon...should be here today, along with my final build components, so I'm in no bind, just short $20 for the M3s I ordered from Fastenal (couldn't find the length I needed anywhere lol). So, I have (12) black M3 x 60mm hex head screws and (24) 0.5mm M3-size washers if anyone is looking! This is useful for 25mm fan + 25mm shroud + gaskets and case material. Thanks again ThermalMike! If I may add a suggestion...let's create a thread that lists all thread sizes and depth into the radiator (before hitting the fins) for all radiators for easy web searching. This is the only post I could find that says anything about radiator thread sizes.
  3. Hey guys, Does anyone know the screw thread size for the Water 3.0 Ultimate radiator? I'm installing a shroud between the fans in a pull configuration and need longer screws, but I'm don't know what thread size to get. Thanks
  4. I purchased the Water 3.0 Ultimate (360mm) and had plans to add a 360mm shroud between my fans in pull configuration, so I ordered a set of 60mm M3 screws to make it work, but this radiator actually does not use M3 screws. The threads are completely different when comparing to the ones that came packaged with the unit. Do you know which thread pattern the Water 3.0 Ultimate uses?
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