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Found 3 results

  1. I have the keyboard poseidon z rgb brown switch .. I have the software of the keyboard .. I have the option of wave mode and there is speed I did at speed on the fastest speed and it still makes me slow ... and tried to delete the software and download again and tried Maybe update it but nothing works ... if anyone can help me i would be very happy .. Thanks anyway, SnorX
  2. Hello guys, I have problem after replacing a dead "+" keypad on right side corner just above Enter keypad, I replaced it with Cherry MX blue switch but after succeeded soldering it still dead but the blue LED is working fine also 7(home) keypad, 8(up arrow) keypad and 9(PgUp) keypad are becoming dead too although all of LEDs are working normal...the weird thing is if I unplug/un-install the "+" keypad then 7, 8, & 9 keypads is working fine. I guess it has to do with my faulty re-assemble the ribbon, first after I replace the "+" keypad I think I didn't plug well/firmly the ribbon and when I pluged the cable to PC the LEDs lighted up for 1 second and dead, all keys+LEDs are dead...so I checked again and found that I didn't plug well/firmly the ribbon...then I plug it again with caution firmly press the ribbon, the result is my Tt poseidon Z manage to work normal only 7,8 & 9 keypads are dead with "+" keypad installed/soldered. Does any one know how do I fix it? Thx
  3. Hello! i've been having this kind of problem some time, but i will try to explain it fast. So i want to buy the thermaltake Poseidon or Poseidon Z version with spanish layout in Colombia, Bogota (South America) but in thermaltake page there is only 1 distributor of the 3 that i can contact, and they don't have the keyboard (neither in english). On october 18 i went to SOFA exposition where thermaltake had a place in the exposition, and i saw the Poseidon keyboard (pic attached), i ask one of the stand managers if they know if the keyboard is available in spanish and ready to be sold in colombia, and he answered me with a yes. I want to know if that is true that i can find the keyboard, and if so, where? is there any distrubutor in colombia besides from the ones on the eSports website? http://hwcol.com/2014/10/16/thermaltake-anuncia-nuevas-series-de-producto-en-colombia there is alot of news saying that the keyboard will be available here, and eSport oficcial facebook pages confirm this even ThermalTake ones.
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