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Found 5 results

  1. I'm building a new PC and I found a problem with the case. I can't remove the glass door. I can open it just fine, but when I try to lift it, the whole case is going up, which is crazy considering how heavy it is. I'm afraid I'll break it if I force more.
  2. *edit* - Resolved I RMA'ed both the fans and the controller, and despite my best efforts to test, I cannot for the life of me get the RGB to light up. As per troubleshooting steps, I connected just the SATA cable to the TT Sync controller and shorted the PSU to test: What am I doing wrong here?
  3. Hi Guys, I recently purchased the Black V2 gaming mouse. After initial software issues, I got everything running fine. However, i turned on my computer today and the mouse is suddenly unresponsive. The mouse does not move the cursor anymore, it only clicks. The only light on the mouse is the first DPI level light. I had the same issue with my original Black DTA mouse. I assumed the mouse just died (few years old), however the same issue has come back. Steps I have taken to solve the issue: Rebooting the computer several times. Changed the USB port. Checked the drivers. Uninstalled USB port drivers, replugged in device and the drivers reinstalled. What can I do to solve this issue. I just bought the mouse less than a week ago.
  4. Hi, my Tt Black Element Gaming mouse (Model Number: BLE001DT) has a problem with the scrollwheel. When scrolling DOWN it will "rubber-band" back UP causing jittery movements in a browser, etc. It is so bad that scrolling DOWN can appear to be scrolling UP for many clicks.
  5. I know this is a long shot, but I'm having a problem with a build using a Toughpower PSU, and I'd like a quick confirmation before I start tearing down a complicated system for tedious troubleshooting. If you watch the first 5 seconds of the video below, my Toughpower 1375 starts up, all 3 indicator LEDs go to green, then it shuts down, sits idle for ~3 seconds, then starts up and immediately shuts down again, etc etc. Can you confirm that that generally looks like a component problem (aka is that normal Thermaltake PSU behavior if the motherboard is DOA)? Thanks... Video of system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mSGcYNpXTc (the pumps are running on a second PSU (not shown) during the video)
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