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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, so I recently got my much anticipated case the Themaltake View 91 TG RGB! And let me tell you, it's a huge case! I know, it's a super tower and I got a Core X71 which was also big, but the View 91 is way bigger... and heavier (they say 30 Kg and Thermaltake isn't kidding)! So I started my unboxing last night. The cardboard box it came in was strong (and it got some tears on it from transport), when I cut open the boxe I got the surprise to see another boxe! So if you think about damages during transport, then let me assure you it won't happen unless the guy dropped the box. Anyway, the good thing first. The case has more space than needed. With 12 HDD enclosures (with 6 other slots behind the Mobo tray), you can build a big #### NAS system in it, and if Thermaltake are willing to do it maybe upgrade it to a two-systems-case like the Corsair 1000D (come on, I'm sure there's enough space to do it). There's like 20 fan slots in total (19 if you have a 200 mm PSU) so cooling the entire case isn't going to be that hard. It supports up to 480mm Rads top, front, next to Mobo and 140mm rear, bottom. You can put two pumps inside the case, if you remove the HDD tray and a 480mm Rads. For now, I'm going to stick with air cooling then maybe upgrade to a 1x480mm Rad. Now on to the bad thing. When I removed the top panel one of the "plastic thingy" that held the panel down came off. And the tempered glass on the front pnale had one of its corner unglued, so it was holding with only three corners, but it's easily fixable with glue (hello Loctite!). Now the three fan trays are a really good build idea because it made the fan mounting easier, so I'm asking myself why didn't they use a tray for the front panel? Because let me tell you, it isn't easy setting the front fans. Now, people would have liked a PSU shroud but I'm not that kind of people so this isn't a bad thing for me. So in the end, the Thermaltake View 91 is quite a big case and I have no regrets buying it. I hope Thermaltake will improve their manufacturing process...
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