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Found 2 results

  1. As you all know Apple devices are run by specific rules regulations and protocols. It is considered s perfect but there is little space for personal customization. Unlike Android users, iOS users have to bare a lot of limitations. That's how jailbreaking is came as a solution for those limitations. With jailbreak, you have to relate this word Cydia. Cydia is an alternative application or app store for default app store providing by Apple which is downloaded default after almost every jailbreak. You can download Cydia free without any cost. Using Cydia You can customize your iDevice easily without boundaries. What are the consequences of using Cydia? Cydia is enormously supported to customize the iDevice which you have but there is a negative side for it. Security and safety come first. It is a popular secret that it is not a simple task to get the approval of Apple to add an app for there default app store. There are a lot of rules and regulations and standards which is necessary. So there is not any chance for fake apps that contain malware and virus to get into the app store. But Cydia is the opposite. There are fewer rules for anything. So you have to be careful when you download anything from Cydia. Not to mention that before download Cydia you should jailbreak the device and that will avoid the warranty for your device. So whatever happened to your phone it is your responsibility. Not only that Cydia installation will affect your device speed and smooth performance. To fix this you have to remove Cydia tweaks often. How to Delete Cydia Tweaks from iPhone? You can do it with just using the phone without needing a computer. This process is easy and successful for almost all the time but however, we could not predict the future. So before doing it, its better you backup your device. Launch the Cydia application by tapping it on your mobile phone. Click the tab named Installed and the tweak you want to remove. On the top right there is a button named Modify. Click it and select the Remove option. Do not click on Confirm. Select Continue Queuing to select and add all the tweaks. Now all the tweaks are ready to remove at once. Go back to the Installed tab and click the Queue button. Its time to click Confirm Button. With it, all tweaks are removing at the same time. Reboot the device and you'll see the problem will be resolved.
  2. Most people who use iOS devices rely on Apples’ own iTunes to manage their devices. Nonetheless, there are certain things you cannot do with iTunes. For example, if you want to jailbreak your device, you cannot do so with the Apple software. Fortunately, you can use 3uTools to jailbreak your device. This is an all in one tool for Windows users who also have iOS devices like iPods, iPads and iPhones. It is designed to manage different iOS devices without having to use iTunes. Get the full 3uTools information: https://3u-tools.com 3uTools can enable you to handle your iOS files simply and easily. It can also enable you to transfer data from your PC to your iOS device and install applications on the iOS device. It is not necessary to install extra tools on your computer like iTunes in order to use this software. You only need to connect your iOs device to your PC, select the option that says “Trust This Computer” and begin managing your iOS data. 3uTools Download Link: https://3u-tools.com/download This software offers many different useful features. For instance, you can use it to back up your iOS data to your PC. This app also offers several inbuilt tools for enhancing the performance of iOS devices. You can also use 3uTools to download apps, manage different kinds of files and flash iPhones and other iOS devices. This software offers a great interface for managing phones. It can enable you to manage photos, apps, ringtones, music, videos and other kinds of multimedia files on your iOS device on windows. Besides managing your iOS devices, you can also get information about them from 3uTools, including activation, different statuses, iCloud and battery statuses, jailbreak and detailed iDevice and iOS information. 3uTools also supports iOS flash in DFU mode, normal mode and recovery mode. It also has a one click jailbreak feature that makes it easy to jailbreak an iPhone. This data management tool also has advanced features like baseband downgrade or upgrade, SHSH backup among others. This data management tool is free and you can download it for windows. If you have iOS and windows devices, then you will find this tool to be useful. 3uTools also comes with several different features for iOS device users like garbage cleaners, icon management, a ringtone maker, data migration, invalid icon deletion and video converters. 3uTools also has an online store where you can download and install several applications like wallpapers and ringtones for free. New features in version 2.23 of 3uTools: Support that reminds users to back up data prior to flashing. Optimize importing ringtones. Add the Indonesian language in the language settings. Add a popup reminder of backup. 3uTools is a great iOS file manager that you can use on your Windows computer. Apart from providing you with access to numerous useful features, it is also free. This is a rare aspect when it comes to the use of iOS file managers. Therefore, it is worth it to try this software if you own an iOS device. It will help you to manage your iOS devices easily, whether you plan to download and install apps or jailbreak iOS devices among other things.
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