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Where do I buy PCI cables ?

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Alright, just bought a new vid card andrealised that my power supply does not have another cable for the PCI-E. My power supply does have 2 other 6 pin ports that should support another PCI-E cable and probably another for Molex or other, but I do not own any of them. Where to look for, so that I won't bust my power supply, or what alternatives do I have ?

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Gotta admit, I did not see them at first, but searched abit for them after reading something similar to what you just said. Indeed, the video card does supply 2 cables that transforms one molex into PCI-E, but it's not enough to power it up, because at the end of the molex cable there is a HDD, probably eating much of the power needed. It would've been much easier if thermaltake would've supplied the whole pack of cables or at least provide a way to procure them. I just bought some from a site in hong-kong....so, it's gonna be interesting.

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