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Core X9 Side Panels


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Happy to announce we have Core X9 accessory parts now available for purchase:


Fan Bracket - https://store.thermaltakeusa.com/inside03.php?s=44&k=204&a=2082


HDD Cage - https://store.thermaltakeusa.com/inside03.php?s=44&k=204&a=2083


Rear Fan/PSU Cover Bracket - https://store.thermaltakeusa.com/inside03.php?s=44&k=204&a=2084

And where can people outside USA/Canada buy them?

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See...they got the whole globe covered! To be honest, had I understood that the X9 did not allow fan mounting on the upper half of the side panel, then I probably would not have bought the case. I absolutely have to feed my GTX 780 cool air in order to sleep at night. I'm a total noob when it comes to modding....I'm not a machinist or fabricator...but here is a grainy picture of me defying the odds!



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I got a 280mm rad in push/pull configuration with 4 Noctua Industrial 140mm IP67 2000RPM PWM Fans and its crammed into the same side as the power supply, just sitting on the bottom. I had it on a mount before but I wanted more UV green fans on at least one side. I have 2 more of the same Noctuas intaking cool air from rear. I am using top for the only exhaust fans. With all the positive air pressure I am idling at 25c and never go above 35c when gaming...not too shabby...and I'm not done adding fans yet. Just getting started actually! : )

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Tt Buy for USA ships to USA and Canada only.


You would want to contact our Germany office for pricing and availability for your region.

Okay, its been a week since I contacted the Germany office, have heard nothing.

Guess I wont be getting those brakets any time soon.

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looking forward to getting one of these!


keep me posted when they come in stock my friends!


Core X9 side panels are back in stock!



For customers outside of the USA, please contact our support in your area for more information.


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I'm looking for a Core X9 Perforated Side Panel https://store.thermaltakeusa.com/inside03.php?s=1&k=195&a=2166


Anyone that went with two windows want to sell me theirs? I'm in Canada but would pay shipping USPS and buy the panel if the price is right.  :D


I am also looking to purchase this part for my Core X9, it seems like there is demand for this, so I hope that it comes back in stock soon in th Ttstore, or we can have an option to purchase it.


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